LQ Liquid Collagen Joint Care

LQ Liquid Collagen Joint Care
LQ Liquid Collagen Joint Care 

Hiya Darlins,

I was thinking the other day about what price we put on our health?  I think with the current situation health has become probably the most talked about and thought about topic of the moment, but even under normal circumstances I think it's something we often take for granted, until of course we get a problem.  Getting older brings irritating problems that we never gave a second thought to as youngsters and one of those things for me is joint pain, let me start by saying I am lucky in that I am not crippled by joint pain as I know some people are, but in my hands it's enough to cause problems opening jars, tins etc and that general feeling of stiffness in the mornings.............oh the joy's of youth!

LQ Liquid Collagen Joint Care
LQ Liquid Collagen Joint Care 

There are an abundance of supplements on the market claiming to ease joint pain and on looking into the subject I have to confess to finding it all a little daunting and walking away from my research having purchased nothing.  The thing I found attractive about LQ Joint Care was the ease of not having to worry about a cupboard full of different vitamins and the simplicity of knowing that everything was done for me in the convenience of a daily drink that had everything covered in 2 seconds.  (OK call me lazy) but I like things simple.  I mentioned to a friend that I had discovered this simple form of getting joint vitamins and the topic of cost came up, which got me thinking about what price we put on our health?  If our cars needed oil or a service we wouldn't think twice about spending the money, but it's just a metal machine that isn't designed to last a lifetime!  we get one body, which hopefully lasts us a lot of years!  yet we say things like "ohhh I wouldn't spend that"  its utter madness when you think about it logically, why are we so mean with ourselves?

I tried 20 days worth of LQ Joint Care, the company say you see results in 30 days, I felt a definite improvement in flexibility, I'm not saying that I was ready to start break dancing in the local mall but I definitely noticed some improvement in my hands, especially the thumb joints which is where I suffer most.  I intend to become a regular user of this product as I think it will 100% help in easing the pain.

LQ Joint Care Liquid Collagen 25ml Daily Shots.

Each  Cherry Flavour 25ml bottle contains 6 vital ingredients.


With only 7 Calories per 25ml shot, weight gain isn't something you need to think about while taking these.  These supplements are designed work alongside a normal healthy diet and are not a substitute for healthy eating. 

For more information and to purchase visit HERE  or  www.lqcollagen.com 

Stay safe and happy.

Lyn  x

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