Breathe Happy KN95 Certified Reusable Face Mask

Hi Loves,

What with this current situation we find ourselves in we can be forgiven for not knowing what to do for the best to protect ourselves and others around us, there is so much conflicting information coming at us from all angles it can seriously feel like information overload.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 nightmare we have had conflicting information from our government re the wearing of face masks, we even had to change the name to face coverings so as not to encourage people to buy up the masks needed for the frontline workers, people have resorted to making their own out of scarves and even socks!  personally I can't see an old old sock giving much protection!  and then we are told that the wearing of the mask is to protect others, so not wearing one is a selfish act, what to do?  On a personal level and being in the high risk category I have always worn a mask when out in public, which I admit is rare, however recently I have had to visit the hospital a couple of times so needed to buy masks from the internet, I bought two types, the paper ones that are only suitable for one use, and a black washable one which in all honesty felt as safe as a pair of tights!

I was incredibly fortunate to be offered a BREATHE HAPPY mask to try out, and it arrived with perfect timing two days prior to a visit to the Chemo Suite for an infusion, this is something that actually fills me with horror, I always think of the hospital as the very worst place to visit in these circumstances.  Those of you that follow me on Instagram will remember me posting pictures on the day of me wearing my mask.  

Breathe Happy is the worlds first KN95 Certified reusable face mask available to the public,  it is recommended by the Wold Health Organization for optimum levels of protection, it delivers maximum protection levels in relation to BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) at 99.9% - paper masks offer 20% inhaled efficiency and 30% exhaled.  The mask is also environmentally friendly in that you are replacing the filter every 7 days not the entire mask daily.  Cost is also a huge factor with this mask, costing less than  £1.00 every 7 days. 

There is a huge amount of technical information I could give you about this product, which is best read on the brand's website at Breathe Happy  I would probably type something incorrect and get sued for a zillion pounds!  All I can say on a personal level is the feeling of confidence this mask gave me was second to none it was also a lot less sweaty than the other masks being breathable, it comes complete with it's own hygienic protective pouch, so it's not getting covered in fluff and old polo mints at the bottom of your handbag!  all in all an absolute winner for me and a huge hit with everyone at the hospital who had me writing down the website address.  I also had the thought - don't sue me if I'm wrong - but once the Covid eventually slings it's evil hook, a Breathe Happy Mask could be of help to hayfever sufferers? 

As always, stay safe.

Lyn  x 

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