Two Things You Need To Know For Successful Blogging.

Two Things You Need To Know For Successful Blogging

Hi Darlins,

I have thought about this post for a while, not about what to write but simply the fact that these type of blog posts irritate the life out of me as they are usually full of tosh written by someone with an unsuccessful blog........Oh like you? you are thinking!  Exactly!  you are 100% right. 

I started my blog probably around 5 years ago as a fun little project when I gave up owning a business, it was a little thing I could do as I was sure there were older women out there that wanted to chat about makeup, skincare etc...........little did I know then how involved and deep it could all become,  I started out just blurbing away about products that I had at home and then bits that I had bought, and in no time started getting emails from PR's and brands offering me products to try, I can't even describe the flipping excitement when the very first thing that arrived to my house was a jumbo Habitat Candle............seriously I was like a dog with 2 tails.  

As time went on more products arrived and invites to blogger events appeared, talk about scary!  being surrounded by young gorgeous things and thinking "who the hell cares what I have to say?"  I soon read up on imposter syndrome and seriously had bouts of it for sure, I felt I wasn't worthy to be at such beautiful places being given gorgeous things for free.  yes, yes I was naive but even so it was an exciting time.  The result of all this excitement was literally changing a spare room into an office, filling it with Ikea to house the products and sitting in that home office from 9-4 daily and often at weekends.  Fun?  not really, the more products that came the more pressure I felt, my then partner at the time would ask me how many are on the "to do" list, it was never less than 30 plus products, it all felt overwhelming, stopped feeling fun and felt like a job!  and unpaid job at that time.  I started to resent the pressure and spent less and less time in my little office. 

 Here's the thing, lightbulb moment!  the less time you put in the less you get back.  I'm not saying you have to sit in a room for 8 hours a day working like a trojan for free, the number one secret is CONSISTENCY, it's not about who you know, what PR's, Brands or huge Bloggers you suck up to!   these people are not stupid and can see you coming a mile.  Trust me, I have seen it first hand and it's revolting to watch people fake fawning just to get a free lippie! YUK, and don't be that person who turns up at every event just to get your goodie bag,  honestly some bloggers will turn up to the opening of an envelope!  If you look at the whole blogging scene with an objective eye you may see bloggers who have huge success and wonder why not you?  your content is good, you are keen and constantly learning new camera tricks etc, BUT do you put out content on a regular basis come hell or high water?  even if it's a couple of times a week, is it regular?  can your readers rely on you to be there week in and week out?  Mine can't........ I am hot and cold with blogging which is why I would never ever be successful, I can only write if I feel genuine love for something, and sometimes, I'm not feeling the love, therefore the content doesn't appear. Or I let my real life go ahead of blogging. 

  Let me tell you! this is NOT THE WAY.  These girls are work horses, seriously, often times leaving you wondering how they have a personal life or get time to wash their smalls!  The second thing to the success of these internet stars is they are genuine, I mean really genuine, warts and all!  It's probably an age thing with me, I am as genuine as I can possibly be, those of you that know me know that I don't suffer fools lightly, or if I don't like something I'm not a person to sit on the fence, and along with that comes the prolific use of the F bomb.........this is where I fail to be genuine.  At my age I don't like to see it written down, it somehow feels OK to use when you are ranting or having a laugh with mates, but to write it on a blog post or a tweet just looks too much to me.  Plus I take the pee something alarming, and often times I avoid it online for fear of looking flippant or nasty, another thing I am guilty of is often looking at blog posts or social media comments and wanting to tear the persons head off for either lying or talking complete balls, I refrain every single time and just walk away from the laptop, it would be an ugly sight, and I would end up looking like a drunken navvy.  

Jeez this is turning into a confessions post!  In a nutshell, in my humble unsuccessful opinion you need only to be 2 things...............CONSISTENT and GENUINE.    There you go, no need to buy any online bullshit courses that promise you overnight success, there is no such thing.   I will leave my paypal details!

Agree or disagree?  let me know, I would love opinions on this.

Lyn  x