Reboot Your Brain. Sara Davenport

Hi Loves,

Hope you are all keeping well and positive in this horrible period?  I have found that earlier nights after a shower with a good book has been the way to switch off from the constant bombardment of news and information, I often feel as though it's just brain overload, which brings me to this review, I just want to say that in 6 years of blogging I have NEVER been offered a book to review , which made me think that the universe was somehow working in my favour when I was offered 2 titles by Sara Davenport, health advocate Sara Davenport has over 20 years in Holistic Health and is the founder of one of the UK's largest Breast Cancer Charities.  Breast Cancer  Haven.

I was particularly interested in Reboot Your Brain, as being 63 and what I like to think active in brain department, I have found recently that I get feelings of losing the plot sometimes, example - finding the TV remote in the fridge!  I know, I know, we all do these silly things and laugh after, but the more it happens the more I have begun to worry and notice going blank when trying to recall a name or worse a bloody pin number.  Sarah's book was an absolute revelation that quite honestly I couldn't put down.  My kids had bugged to me to go to the doctor's if I were seriously worried but to me that would be the last resort and it feels like admitting I have a problem, when I do know that after Menopause and often during we suffer with brain fog.

The book really is an eye opener and uses the phrase "Use it or lose it"  which makes perfect sense when you think about it, with excercises to do and examples to go by it really has me believing that Alzheimer's is something that can be staved off if you work at it, please don't for one second think I am undermining what a horrible disease it is at all, but it was interesting to me to read that even something as simple as a change in diet and attitude can help with memory loss and brain fog. I have been thoroughly fascinated by the information in this book and 100% recommend it to anyone who finds the TV remote in the fridge or any other strange place in the house.

I am currently in the process of reading another book by Sara  "Reboot Your Health" which I will report on at a later date.

In the meantime, stay safe my lovely reader, I wish you nothing but health and happiness.

Lyn  x 


  1. I'm definitely going to buy this Lyn as brain dengerative diseases are what terrify me the most.


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