Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare
Poundland #6 Gold Skincare 

Hiya Darlins

I have been sitting on this post a little while as I didn't think there was much value in bringing it to you with all the stores closed, however with Poundland now being open it seemed appropriate.

A while ago I tested out the #6 range of skincare from Poundland which you can read here.  This time around I have been discovering the NEW #6 Gold skincare collection, and what a collection it is!  In total there are 13 items in the #6 skincare range and at a Pound each you have got to be kidding! you are covered from head to toe for £13.00!!  In 2019 the range was Highly Commended at the London Beauty Awards and Shortlisted for the ASOS 2019 Beauty Awards, when you consider the sheer volume of skincare on the market I think this is pretty impressive.

As regular readers know I test out products at every level and have to say I have no problem with Poundland skincare at all, and compared to some I have tried at 100 times the price there is little to compare in the short term.  You may need to grab a coffee for this review as there a lot to get though.

Lets start with the regular range and move on to the latest releases which came out in March this year just before we went into Lockdown.

  • Poundland #6 Anti-ageing Day Cream
  • Anti-ageing #6 Night Cream
  • Anti-ageing #6 Collagen Filler
  • Anti-ageing #6 Derma Serum are all on my previous review post, at that time I hadn't tried out......

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland  #6 Anti-ageing Eye Cream 

I don't think this eye cream was available in my local store at the time of buying the last products but in truth I probably wouldn't have picked it up, I'm not a huge lover of eye creams and often find they leave my eyes looking puffier than when I started, this one didn't cause any puffiness or irritation, it was actually quite pleasant to use with no irritating fragrance.

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland Micellar Water 

Again, this wasn't available when I shopped. I tend to use Micellar after a single morning cleanse or sometimes after a night double cleanse if I'm really after squeeky clean skin, I don't use them as make up removers as I don't think they give a proper cleanse, this one worked perfectly well for my needs, no irritation and surprisingly no tightness of the skin, don't however attempt it on the eye area.  I did try it out as a cleanser just for the blog and have to say it did whip away a hell of a lot of make up, if this is your prefered way of cleansing (naughty)

Launched in 2019 so you may have already discovered these ( I hadn't) I think with Poundland it's one of those places that if you spot something you need to grab it as it won't 100% be guaranteed to stay on the shelves for next time you visit.

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland #6 Anti-ageing Hand Cream 75ml

Containing Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower seed oil and Collagen, this is one of those products that you will want in the kitchen, handbag, office drawer and car, it's fabulous - absorbs easily leaving your hands feeling softer and visibly moisturised. It must be the addition of Coconut that gives the fragrance a real summer holiday vibe.

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland #6 Anti-ageing Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patches

If you can get hold of these buy them all!  with 4 sets in a pack 25p each you will find nothing to compare!  these are pure magic, trust me I am a little obsessed by eye patches and these will now forever be in my house. Containing Hydrolysed Collagen and Hyaluronic acid, these little golden patches reduce puffiness leaving the under eye area smoothed out ready for make up. I can often be seen watching trash TV with these on......don't judge - in this lockdown I get my joy where I can :)

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland #6 Marula Oil Foot Pack

This is another one that I will be bulk buying, I have told everyone I know about this fabulous pair of foot socks, once again it was a TV treatment - I sat watching a film with my tootsies soaking in sheer moisture. Containing Marula oil and Vitamin E you can honestly see and feel a visible difference to dry feet. (V)

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland #6 Anti-ageing Collagen Woven Face Mask

Containing Collagen, Bamboo lily and Aloe Vera, this is a good moisturising face mask, I liked it but can't rave over it. in truth it's as good as any other drugstore face mask I have used, it did leave my skin feeling soft and moisturised but nothing to shout from the rooftops about. Unlike the New Limited Edition Gold Mask. (V)

Limited Edition range launched in March 2020

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland #6 Limited Edition Gold Anti-ageing Woven Face Mask

This mask was dripping in moisture, it felt cool on the skin and was a real pleasure to use, containing Aloe vera, Vitamin E and a combination of herbal extracts including Bamboo lily, Golden chamomile and Rose geranium. I LOVED this mask and would bulk buy it without a doubt. You can visibly see a difference in your skin after using this one, it felt touchably soft and glowy. (V)

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland #6 Limited Edition Gold Peel Off Mask

This tube mask it literally gold as you apply it a sheer tint of shimmer applies to the skin which turns real gold as it dries, you do not need to apply this to thickly or it will not dry and peel correctly, so just a layer is enough.  What I would say is this mask sticks! It's not the most gentle experience if you have facial baby hair or get the mask in your hairline, but boy does it do it's job at clearing out the pores! incredible value, I would anticipate at least 5 or 6 uses from the tube. (V)

Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Poundland #6 Limited Edition Shimmer Body Lotion

This lotion is something thing that would have gone in my holiday case had this years hols not been cancelled!  as its a lotion not an oil, if you have ever used Nuxe Gold Oil you could be forgiven for comparing the two, I found Nuxe stayed a little oily where this absorbs leaving a golden shimmer, ideal for shoulders, shins and collar bones. (V)

All in all this range has been a real pleasure to review, and just shows that you don't need to spend a fortune if you don't want to. 

Poundland #6 Beauty is Cruelty Free look for the Bunny on the packaging and many of the products are suitable for Vegans I have marked these (v)

Stay safe and happy

Lyn  x

Products supplied for review purposes.