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Hiya gorgeous,

As those of you that follow me on Instagram etc @thelavendenderbarnltd  already know I visited the new salon from Laura Kay in Radlett, Herts.  I had previously visited Laura when she was at The Chelsea Harbour Club in London to have my brows Microbladed you can read about the experience here Laura Kay

Since my last visit Laura has opened a new salon in Radlett Hertfordshire where she continues to run her famous training courses as well as having expanded, additional services added to her famous brow treatments.  Bearing in mind I live in West Sussex, Radlett was not local for me, but having experienced Laura previously for a Daily Mail article which was a PR visit, I was more than happy to spend my own money on treatments  and do the journey. ( when you find the best ) you want to stick with them!  Chatting to Laura prior to my visit we agreed it would be a good idea for me to try out microneedling on my face, this was a new experience for me, so an appointment was set up with Marina after my brow top up with Laura, another appointment was made for my chauffeur Grandaughter to experience the Fire & Ice Facial again with Marina.

Radlett was incredibly easy to find and with the salon being right on the main high street parking was 2 minutes from the salon.  It was easy to spot in Laura's trade mark colours, stepping inside the salon was beautiful with a professional but relaxed vibe.  And spotlessly clean which is something I always look at when visiting a salon (call me weird)  first up were my brows, there are four different treatments available for your brows depending on the end result you want to achieve. Nanoblading, Microblading, Hair Stroke Machine or Powder Brows. As I've said in my previous post there is no pain and spending the time chatting with Laura the time zooms past, brows can take 1 - 2 hours. 

Next stop a visit with Marina, by this time my Grandaughter Charlotte had finished her Fire and Ice facial and was beaming ear to ear! at the visible difference the treatment had instantly made to her skin, the Fire and Ice treatment is a favourite of Hollywood stars and is the best selling treatment at the Four Seasons salon in Beverly Hills for giving instant results with no downtime.  The treatment consists of two masques the first being a Powerful intensive resurfacing masque which is formulated with Sugar Cane Extract a potent natural form of Glycolic Acid, Retinol (Vit A) and Niacinamide (Vit B3) followed by the rejuvenating masque formulated with potent antioxidents, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Grapeseed and Rosemary extract which soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin.  These treatments are then followed by a combination of cosmeceutical serums and creams, the result is glowing, fresh, super smooth skin. 

My treatment was to be a course of 3 treatments Obviously due to the current Covid-19 situation this wasn't possible, however my experience of the treatment was enough to have me wanting to go back for more. The thing to note is that the tool used at the Laura Kay Salon is SkinPen™ this pen is constructed with a disposable 14 needle cartridge to ensure ultimate safety and hygiene, firstly Marina applied a numbing cream to my face, followed by Skinfuse Lift HG Hydrogel to allow a smooth glide to the surface of the skin, at all times during the procedure Marina checked to ensure that I was comfortable, strangely the treatment was quite soothing, who would have thought having your skin punctures by 14 needles could be relaxing!  The purpose of the treatment is to increase collagen production in the skin while it repairs from the damage of the needles the skin is repairing and healing itself to give a smoother fresher skin surface, this treatment is ideal for Acne scars and age lines. At the end of the treatment my face was pink, I fully expected it to be bleeding and red, no, it was left flushed and feeling comfortable, I think the idea of needles had my brain working overtime, it was honestly one of the easiest treatments I have ever had and I am totally disappointed at not to be able to continue with the treatments at this time.

Something else I discovered while I was at the salon is that Laura now has her very own brow tool! 
Of course I had to try it out!  This fabulous tool comprises of precision wax pencil, Brow Gel brush, powder sponge applicator, I absolutely love this tool, the pencil for precision the powder sponge, which is actually my favourite part of the tool, it's perfect for soft filling of gaps, and if like me you have random greys it perfectly colours them to blend in, the brow gel brush is a tiny tightly packed brush that is sized perfectly for keeping those wayward little devils in check.

The list of treatments available at Laura Kay Salon is huge, so check out her website for more info. 

Hoping you stay safe and happy
Lyn   x

This is not a PR promotion post. I used my own money for all treatments.