Poundland #6 Gold Skincare

Hiya Darlins I have been sitting on this post a little while as I didn't think there was much value in bringing it to you with all the stores closed, however with Poundland now being open it seemed appropriate. A while ago I tested out the #6 range of skincare from Poundland which you can read here.  This time around I have been discovering the NEW #6 Gold skincare collection, and what a collection it is!  In total there are 13 items in the #6 skincare range and at a Pound each you … Read more

Reboot Your Brain. Sara Davenport

Hi Loves, Hope you are all keeping well and positive in this horrible period?  I have found that earlier nights after a shower with a good book has been the way to switch off from the constant bombardment of news and information, I often feel as though it's just brain overload, which brings me to this review, I just want to say that in 6 years of blogging I have NEVER been offered a book to review , which made me think that the universe was somehow working in my favour when I was o… Read more

Wall Art for £ 2.50

Hi Loves, I wanted to quickly bring this post to you as I know everyone is desperately trying to find things to do during lock-down.............Well!  I have made some wall art to add to my gallery walls for the crazy price of £2.50  Here's How.   I had spare white 6 x 4 frames that I pick up every single time I set foot into Wilko, and off the top of my head I think they were around £2.50.  Obviously as all the shops are closed right now so I had to search for an alternative for you… Read more

Stay at Home Dresses from £3.49

Hiya Darlins, I don't know about you but I can't remember the last time I wore "Normal Clothes"  for you guys that can go out for your daily 1 hour of exercise it's probably not too much of a problem, but all I know is that when I'm home Covid-19 or not I like to be comfy.  Often comfy translates into scruffy unfortunately as I do have a couple of favourite Lounge Wear sets that are getting more use than they were ever designed for. On the days where the sun ha… Read more

SBC Gels 3 Piece Acid Bath & Body Skincare Collection

Hiya Darlins I don't know about you but I have done nothing but search online during this lockdown! instead of spending hours just browsing you now have a real reason to get online! As those of you that know me already, know my obsession with Acids in skincare you can imagine how excited I was to learn that SBC have bought out a completely new range of Acid skincare dedicated especially to the body!! These new products incorporate ingredients usually found in facial skincare- Hyalur… Read more

Laura Kay London

Hiya gorgeous, As those of you that follow me on Instagram etc @thelavendenderbarnltd  already know I visited the new salon from Laura Kay in Radlett, Herts.  I had previously visited Laura when she was at The Chelsea Harbour Club in London to have my brows Microbladed you can read about the experience here Laura Kay Since my last visit Laura has opened a new salon in Radlett Hertfordshire where she continues to run her famous training courses as well as having expanded, additional serv… Read more