Stay at Home Dresses from £3.49

Hiya Darlins,

I don't know about you but I can't remember the last time I wore "Normal Clothes"  for you guys that can go out for your daily 1 hour of exercise it's probably not too much of a problem, but all I know is that when I'm home Covid-19 or not I like to be comfy.  Often comfy translates into scruffy unfortunately as I do have a couple of favourite Lounge Wear sets that are getting more use than they were ever designed for.

On the days where the sun has been showing its gorgeous face I have found myself reaching for dresses that are easy to throw on, still look presentable but are also comfy.

I have been searching!  and have discovered something I didn't know, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can order a bundle of fashion and only pay for what you decide to keep!!  how brilliant is that? OK so being the tight arse that I am I searched low to high in the price range, reason being is that I have to live in this clothing while we are shut in I very much doubt I will want to keep it as wardrobe staples.

I found some great what I call "knocking about" dresses starting at £3.49 cheaper than a posh duster!

These are just a few examples, the choice is endless and I have to be honest and say I spent a couple of hours looking at all sorts of clothing, it has never occurred to me to look at Amazon for clothes before.

Is it me being slow?  have you bought clothes from Amazon yourself? what was your experience?

Lyn  x