Bronnley Soap Collections

Hiya Darlins,

During this grim and weird period we are going through there have been many moments of kindness that have come from unexpected places, maybe it's because we have more time on our hands we are able to put more thought into life?  hopefully at the end of this we may all end up just that little bit kinder as a result.

An act of kindness that came to me recently was a message from Bronnley England saying that they would like to pop some soaps in the post to me as a gesture of kindness, there was absolutely no talk of producing a blog post for them it was just a little gift with no expectations attached, well obviously soap at this time is definitely a treasured gift but this package really made my heart skip, I have written before about Bronnley and why the brand has a special place in my heart, at the age of about 8 my Nan bought me my very first very grown up Christmas gift in the shape of a little wooden crate filled with 3 lemon shaped soaps from Bronnley complete with straw packaging, to this day I keep a Bronnley lemon soap in my undies drawer as a reminder of Nan.

These collections are almost too gorgeous to use, (almost) but I will.

Bronnley Lime & Bergamot 3 x 100g  Soaps

Bronnley  Lemon & Neroli 3 x 100g Soaps

Bronnley Rose Luxury Soap  3 x 100g

And to complete my love of all things Rose;

Bronnley Rose Eau De Toilette  50ml

These collections are literally stunning, and with the beautiful packaging would make the perfect surprise "cheer up" gift for a friend or loved one.   with 10% off your first order.

Lyn  x