Bronnley Soap Collections

Hiya Darlins, During this grim and weird period we are going through there have been many moments of kindness that have come from unexpected places, maybe it's because we have more time on our hands we are able to put more thought into life?  hopefully at the end of this we may all end up just that little bit kinder as a result. An act of kindness that came to me recently was a message from Bronnley England saying that they would like to pop some soaps in the post to me as a gesture… Read more

Keeping Sane With Ronnie

Hi Loves, Shut in? Bored? OR does the day fly by and you wondered where the day went when it comes time to go to bed?  I swear the less I do the quicker the day goes, or is it that I am just getting used this doing nada lifestyle?  who knows.......what I do know is I am not sure how I would be managing without Ronnie, for those of you that don't already know he is my new (ish) kitten a gorgeous ragdoll cat who is now 12  weeks old, he has been on lockdown with me for a month now an… Read more

Phyto Paris

Hiya my stay at home friends, Following on from my previous stay at home posts I have decided to share with you a hair treatment that I have been testing out of late from the French brand Phyto Paris, this brand was totally new to me although I had heard of it before so made me really keen to try it out.  The creator of the brand Patrick Alѐs was the man responsible for creating the Blow Dry in 1966 and in 1965 the original brand was born alongside his first salon near the  Champs Élysé… Read more

Self Care In This Crazy Time

Hi Loves, having heard back from a few people after my last post I have decided to continue with the blog but more related to our current situation, I appreciate that nothing is "Normal" right now but it's nice to keep in touch. I have to admit to letting all of my routines slide since the isolation, I am on week 3 of 12 weeks, I took the decision to hole up a week earlier than the government rule as I knew I have compromised immunity and can catch a germ just by looking a… Read more

I wasn't going to mention it!

Hiya Darlins, I did say to myself at the beginning of this Virus that I wasn't going to write about it here on the blog or on any of my social media channels, reasons being, we have all heard enough and nobody cares what I have, or more to the point have not been doing. I have been struggling with guilt about not acknowledging the situation here and not wanting to add to the doom and gloom.  I have ignored my blog as beauty products have felt a little bit shallow of late and I didn… Read more

Alpha-H Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Kit

Hi Loves, In these days of doom and gloom I really wanted to bring to your attention to the news that it is our favourite Alpha-H's 25 year anniversary!!!  In the beauty industry that really is something to shout about, we know many many brands come and go, but true quality always stands the test of time. My very first experience with Alpha H was of course Liquid Gold, from then on I was totally hooked and in 2017 I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the Rose Gold collection,… Read more