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Hiya Darlins

Ever fancied a face peel?  scary thought eh?  whenever I think of a full on peel I expect to have my face dropping off with a really long recovery period while the skin heals, or on the other hand a product that calls itself peel that does virtually nothing to your face other than leaving you wondering why you spent the money.

Just before Christmas I was invited to Harley St to try out a BioRePeel, this is a clinical grade treatment with no downtime, sounds good right? I have to be honest and admit to being a little nervous I often jump in all guns blazing and think "Lyn what are you actually doing?" but I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy this treatment was, the solution was applied by the aesthetician, left for a short while and massaged into the skin, as the massage process was taking place the skin actually began to roll into balls of dead skin, sounds grim but totally satisfying, there was a tiny tingling effect definitely not a burn or a sting, and I was constantly asked throughout the process if I felt OK and my skin was comfortable. the solution was removed with warm water.
BioRePeel is a complete aesthetic medical treatment for topical use on any area of the body without pain or needles, the acid treatment offers direct bio stimulation which provokes superficial and deep tissue rejuvenation while plumping and illumination the skin, relaxing fine lines and wrinkles while at the same time stimulation the formation of new collagen in the skin.

Literally from just one application my skin looked renewed and refreshed, looking in the mirror after the treatment I could actually see a difference in my skin and it was left positively glowing and touchably softened, in fact it looked so good I was confident enough to travel back from London to Sussex makeup free and received positive comments from my family in the evening after the treatment.

Would I do this again with my own money?  100% it was genuinely lovely to have a treatment with immediate visible results, non of this waiting 28 days etc, this was instant!

Lyn  x

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