Blogging Apathy

Hiya Darlins

I have been thinking about this subject for some time now, well at least since around September last year. It came about from being crazy busy with a relationship break up, a house move and basically a whole new life. I have had to have a long hard think about blogging, not just mine but blogging as a whole.  

The middle of last year saw us looking at the subject of fake "influencers"  those slippery buggers that will do anything for the follower numbers, even spending their own money to buy these invisible "fans" it was all a huge crock that resulted in a lot of people including to some extent me getting really disheartened with the whole industry.  I am of the age where we were led to believe cheats never prosper!  not in this day and age.........seriously it seems that if you are not a cheat you may as well pack up your camera and go home.  I have really struggled of late in that there are girls that I absolutely love on Instagram, you know the ones, the beautiful perfectly proportioned 20 somethings who bless them, keep slogging at it on the daily and do have success which is amazing to watch, do they buy followers? I have no clue but what I do know is that these daily beauty videos show no signs at all of PR/Brand samples and that in itself is a huge disappointment and to me is as bad as buying followers, at the end of the day it's dishonest, it's not fair on the readers and is done purely to keep in favour, these girls are sent product by the barrow load and give it a 10 second showing on their latest "look at me" video all the while becoming hugely popular which in turns sends more and more barrows and opportunities.  My issue with this is does it make blogging a waste of time? do we need 10 second glimpses of a product in order to know if a product any good? or do we believe it to be good because her ladyship with a zillion followers has given it a 10 second run on her face?  I am at a loss!

I almost stopped blogging and my output was shocking, resulting in me almost dropping off the PR planet which is totally understandable but I was left wondering if the effort that blogging takes was really worth the time up against these 10 second clips?  

I am here to tell you it IS, balls to the cheats and the 10 seconders, I know people who are in my little tribe that want to know whats what with each and every featured product and for that reason I will crack on and get my finger out in 2020 and be true to my little space on the Internet.

I am on the verge of having a huge delete session as the ego's are dull, the women shouting about supporting women when it's a one way street are dull and I feel it's time to give my whole social media kick up the rump and search out only honesty and less inflated egos.


Is it just me?

Lyn x