AlphaH Limited Edition Damask Rose Collection QVC TSV

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If you don't already know of my AlphaH obsession where have you been hiding?  AlphaH tends to feature in my skincare routine almost daily in some form or other, my first discovery was AlphaH Liquid Gold which is now something I couldn't ever be without, it eats up those dead skin cells like nothing on earth, leaving your skin visibly glowing in the mornings to the point where you can't help but keep touching your skin to actually realise it really is yours!

QVC are offering this Today's Special Value Offer TSV on 18th January, however as The Lavender Barn followers you can get an exclusive early access to the offer from today 15th Jan.  Do NOT miss this one!  you can thank me later :)

There is no better time to pick up your favourites at ridiculously low prices.

The AlphaH Balancing Cleanser has always been a firm favourite with its creamy luxurious texture, makeup and grime literally melts away leaving you feeling fresh and clean with non of the irritating redness or tightness like some other cleansers, you have all experienced it at some stage or another where your skin feels stripped of all life an moisture to the point that it's almost itching?  non of that with this cleanser. And with the addition of Damask Rose this Limited Edition AlphaH Balancing Cleanser with Damask Rose will have you breathing deeply and treasuring every moment of what can sometimes feel like a chore. 

Balancing Cleanser Rose can be used in the morning and evening and is gentle enough to use on the delicate eye area.

And now for something that has totally floored me in it's sheer gorgeousness. Liquid Gold Rose Perfect &b Plump lip Balm, infused with 24k Gold and filled with free radical antioxidants and moisture boosters, who needs lip fillers? when this little pot of balm will leave you with smooth and plump lips.  Non sticky, totally moisturising and something that in my opinion will join Liquid Gold in it's must have status. 


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