Alpha -H QVC TSV Liquid Gold Firming & Hydrating Collection August 15th

Hi Loves By now I don't need to tell you of my complete love for all things Alpha-H.  This family run award winning Australian business has evolved over the last 25 years into a global phenomenon favoured by ordinary women like us alongside celebrity fans worldwide.  The brand are celebrating 15 years in the UK with a special TSV (Today's Special Value) via QVC for the limited period of 24 hours from August 15th-16th You really don't want to miss out as these TSV promotions… Read more

SBC Ultimate Collagen & Black Pearl Skincare Collection QVC

Hi Loves, As you know I have a bit of thing for SBC, they are a brand that have often featured on my blog and obviously if there is the opportunity for you to grab a bargain with a QVC TSV (today's special value) meaning you get to buy the collection for a fraction of the retail price,  I'm going to be more than happy to share the news with you, after all, this year could do with some happy news don't you think? On August 2cnd  for 24 hours you will be able to pick up this c… Read more

Erno Laszlo Hydrate & Nourish Phelityl Night Cream

Hiya Darlins, How are you lock down lovelies? I think we are in a bit of a limbo situation at the moment where lots of people are almost back to normal, and us hybernatinting cowards are yelling "It's still too soon"  Oh well, whatever way you are looking at it just stay safe and do whats right for you.   I have been enjoying some real pampering during this time at home and my skin is definitely thanking me for it.  I was tempted by this Erno Laszlo Phelityl Night Cream as… Read more

Live In The Light

Hiya Darlins, If you are a lover of all things natural and organic then Live In The Light is the website for you, dedicated to natural organic and hand crafted products, you can find an array of goodies from both independent and award winning brands. From Handbags to Hand Creams the site has an array of goodies for you to browse  without having to worry about your impact on the environment.  In these troubling times and with mother nature finding it easier to repair the planet at the mo… Read more

LQ Liquid Collagen Joint Care

Hiya Darlins, I was thinking the other day about what price we put on our health?  I think with the current situation health has become probably the most talked about and thought about topic of the moment, but even under normal circumstances I think it's something we often take for granted, until of course we get a problem.  Getting older brings irritating problems that we never gave a second thought to as youngsters and one of those things for me is joint pain, let me start by say… Read more

Breathe Happy KN95 Certified Reusable Face Mask

Hi Loves, What with this current situation we find ourselves in we can be forgiven for not knowing what to do for the best to protect ourselves and others around us, there is so much conflicting information coming at us from all angles it can seriously feel like information overload. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 nightmare we have had conflicting information from our government re the wearing of face masks, we even had to change the name to face coverings so as not to encourage pe… Read more

Two Things You Need To Know For Successful Blogging.

Hi Darlins, I have thought about this post for a while, not about what to write but simply the fact that these type of blog posts irritate the life out of me as they are usually full of tosh written by someone with an unsuccessful blog........Oh like you? you are thinking!  Exactly!  you are 100% right.  I started my blog probably around 5 years ago as a fun little project when I gave up owning a business, it was a little thing I could do as I was sure there were older women out there t… Read more

Delfy Blush Collection

Hi Loves, I hope lockdown life is treating you well?   There will be a time when we are out and about with our faces back on, I don't know about you but I have been totally slack in the makeup department since being shut in.  However what being at home has done is given me time to talk about some products that have not yet reached the blog. Delfy released this blush palette in April 2019, if you don't know Delfy you really need to check them out.  A Spanish brand with products m… Read more

Aldi Lacura Booty Balm / Bum Bum Dupe

Hiya Darlins Once again Aldi have duped, this time it's a copy of Sol De Janerio Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, I first discovered Sol De Janerio by using the shower cream which I have to say is second to none it is an absolute favourite of mine due to the fragrance and moisturising qualities the Bum Bum cream has the very same fragrance and moisturising ability. Aldi have reproduced this body cream almost down to a T.  I picked this up on a recent visit to Aldi, obviously not looking for… Read more

Lockdown Lifesaver e.l.f. Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Moisturiser

Hiya Darlins,  Right now you need to forget any other Summer face product, throw them in the bin, e.l.f.  have the answer to everything we need for our faces. saving you at least 3 products! e.l.f  Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Moisturiser 50ml I guess the name of the product kind of gives the magic away? yes you guessed it a moisturiser with SPF 50. ha! don't be fooled this is no ordinary moisturiser, antioxidant rich with Carrot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin C to p… Read more

Lumity Not Just Supplements

Hiya Darlins You know of my addiction to Lumity Life supplements I first started using these in 2017, you can read my initial thoughts here . The brand have gone from strength to strength and are now a firm celebrity favourite. My next post including Lumity was where I discussed 5 lessons I would have told my younger self. Today I am here discussing my thoughts on the latest Lumity product. Lumity Nutrient Rich Skin Saviour 4-in-1 Cleanse 100ml £55.00 10ml sample size available at £15.00  F… Read more