Update on House Move and Chit Chat November

Hiya Darlins

Well it's been a crazy few months, as you know from my previous post I sold the house and bought a flat........as you do!

I have to be honest and say it's not an experience I want to go through again in a rush.  Compared to a lot of peoples stories my move would be considered easy, plus I had 16 hands helping me, my lot were phenomenal in truth I didn't have to do a thing other than stress and make tea, there was a point when I was actually homeless, I had the call from the agent saying my house had completed and could I drop the keys in, we were all loaded, vans, cars and people, pretty much like the Beverley Hillbillies  ( if you are too young to know what that programme was you were missing out)  with me wondering if my packing were good enough we set off to drop the keys, the family decided they would head to the flat and start unloading and I would nip to the agents to swap keys, sounds simple eh?  you would think so until Mr Agent says, oh you haven't completed on the flat! bearing in mind it's now 4.30 and he is telling me a story about a family needing a Holiday Inn for the night...............Good job he was an agent, he was a crap comedian.

After sitting in the office watching people happily collect keys to their new homes I was feeling a little stressed.  My time came, I grabbed my keys and went off to meet the family at the flat by which time all my possessions were in the entrance reception! like worker ants they got all my shizz into the flat.

It took me exactly a week to unpack and get the place how I want it, obviously there is still a bit to do, like removing these awful feature walls in the lounge and main bedroom, but nothing too major, I had the hob replaced and the light fittings replaced, in a week or so I will be playing around changing one of the bathrooms but nothing too urgent.

As I mentioned in the last post, you can see from the pictures just how different this space is, I have gone from a lifetime of French style Shabby Chic to back to the 70's Chrome and glass!!  not being 100% sure I would like it, I now flipping love it!  After 3 weeks I actually feel as though I'm living in my place and not a strangers.

Lyn x 


  1. Feels so much like you. Just look at that kitchen with all your accessories! Screams Lynda! Xxx


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