The Good & Bad Mascara Clearout

Hiya Darlins

Going through my drawers I thought it time for a clear out of some of the mascara's, some are definite keepers, some are just plain bad.  Bear in mind these are my personal thoughts on my all but clear eyelashes.  Most I have written about previously and will link the posts, others didn't deserve a blog post.

I am starting off with the best of the best these are in no particular order and vary in price from £2.00 to £32.00 so it just goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune to find a gem.

Hourglass Caution Extreme  9.4g

Why I have never written a blog post about this mascara is beyond me!  I have purchased it 3 times and is one I can imagine always using. Not cheap but brilliant if you like volume & length with fabulous separation, with no panda eyes.

Delfy Extra Volume Mascara 

Link to blog post.  

P.S Pro High Impact Mascara Primark 

Again I didn't blog this mascara, I think I raved about it over on Instagram, it is unbelievably good for £2.00 so much so, that a grab a couple every time I go to Primark in case they stop making it, if you want your lashes LONG then grab this, it's outstanding!  One thing I would say is don't use it on your bottom lashes it transfers like crazy.

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara's

Link to post. I couldn't be without either of these, the waterproof one was a recent purchase and I put it to the test with an 8 hour spa day, in which it performed beautifully, it doesn't look as fluffy as the non waterproof but it really is a must.

Gosh Fake it

Link to post.  Not a mascara but the best mascara primer I have found so far, it gives an amazing base and length to your lashes for a real statement look.

Now the ones that are going that won't be replaced.

L'Oreal Age Perfect Lash Magnifier.

Link to post.  While this is a great mascara which works beautifully, it isn't stunning enough for me to replace.

Lara Geller Drama Lash

Link to post. This made me really sad, it is an amazing mascara and one that I would have probably re purchased, however for some reason after a couple of months it began to irritate my eyes making them sore and watery, maybe you should throw it out after 6-8 weeks, but I wasn't taking the risk on a second purchase.

Max Factor False Lash Effect.

I used to love this, and wrote about it in another mascara post when I first started blogging, nowadays there is so much better on the market this has faded away for me.

DHC Double Protection Mascara

Link to post.  This Japanese beauty was one that I went through a couple of tubes of and really really loved, however it will not be a re purchase as a tubing mascara it has me picking at my lashes to remove it, which isn't great, fun but not good for the lashes!

Too Faced Better than Sex

It wasn't

Beauty Bakerie Eyelash Icing

This made me seriously sad as I love Indie brand Beauty Bakerie but this mascara left me cold, in fact wet and cold, it applies feeling really wet and needed quite a bit of work to get a decent look to it.  Although sad it would not put me off buying from the brand.

Well that's it for now, there are still a few in the drawer that haven't made the list, still under review or ones that I neither adore nor dislike so they just sit there and come out occasionally.

Lyn x

Some products were brand/agency samples for review purposes. no affiliate links.