#ad Beatitude at Christmas

#AD Hi Loves I think now that bonfire night is over it's officially OK to use the C word!  CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Beatitude really have excelled themselves this year for the holiday season, as you know from previous posts I have been a massive fan of Beatitude for years, I am not a bath person at all, by that I don't mean I don't get clean ha I'm just not a fan of getting clean in a bath and much prefer a shower, I do however run a bath purely for the joy of soaking in Beatitu… Read more

The Good & Bad Mascara Clearout

Hiya Darlins Going through my drawers I thought it time for a clear out of some of the mascara's, some are definite keepers, some are just plain bad.  Bear in mind these are my personal thoughts on my all but clear eyelashes.  Most I have written about previously and will link the posts, others didn't deserve a blog post. I am starting off with the best of the best these are in no particular order and vary in price from £2.00 to £32.00 so it just goes to show you don't have … Read more

Tons of Empties!

Hiya Loves Don't get thinking I use this amount of product in a short period, I am such a saddo I carried a bag of empties in my house move!  yes, I am the loser that bought re-cycle to my new home. So here we go............ Pureplex from Knight & Wilson Hair repair system. Sugarbearhair Hair Vitamins The cause of the YouTube drama between Tati Westbrook & James Charles! phew that was a story and a half. Alterna Caviar Anti-Ageing shampoo & Conditioner. Bilou Coco Cocktail cr… Read more

Update on House Move and Chit Chat November

Hiya Darlins Well it's been a crazy few months, as you know from my previous post I sold the house and bought a you do! I have to be honest and say it's not an experience I want to go through again in a rush.  Compared to a lot of peoples stories my move would be considered easy, plus I had 16 hands helping me, my lot were phenomenal in truth I didn't have to do a thing other than stress and make tea, there was a point when I was actually homeless, I had the c… Read more

Elm Rd Petals Studio Candle

Hiya Darlins as we all know there are candles are there ARE candles!  how often have you been into a shop and been taken in by some beautiful packaging and a great sniff only to be totally disappointed after half an hour of burning said glamorous candle?  that's because the cheeky cheeky devils ensure the fragrance is to the top of the candle to entice us and not all the way through like any good candle should. I have been saving this Elm Rd candle a little while as I wanted to try … Read more