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Hiya Darlins

You all know by now the story of my downsizing from a family house to a flat, the whole process has been terrifying exhausting challenging worth every moment of stress and worry!

The house had done it's job, it had protected my little ones ( who are now big ones) while they were growing up, been witness to hours of laughter and some not so funny situations but above all it was our family home for 24 years, once the bedrooms became empty there seemed little point in lurking around in there on my own, plus the plan had always been that the house would give me a pension, not having been wise enough in my youth to think such things would ever be important to me!  seriously, did I think I was Peter flipping Pan and was never going to grow up, or old?  money things always seemed to me to be things other people thought about, I was happy to pay the mortgage and the bills without someone banging down my door for payments!  so thoughts of real money didn't really enter the equation until it came to selling the house, buying the flat and having a lump to invest somehow...........I say somehow because believe me it's a nightmare, not a nightmare having extra pennies, goodness no, a nightmare knowing what the wisest thing to do with it is, other than running up to Harrods or somewhere and flinging pounds at some poor unsuspecting shop assistant :)  NOPE, I planned to be sensible, and with this in mind I have spent literally hours on the Internet trying to understand investments and ISA's......... phew.......dull, time consuming and thoroughly confusing,  way too grown up for my brain, which leads me to the reason for this post.

I honestly have a huge belief in fate and karma and things happening for a reason.  It was at this time I was approached to write about a company who deal with personal investments and ISA's,  obviously before writing this post I had to look into the company and see what was what, backed by Aviva one of the largest UK investment institutions I was satisfied that If I would be happy getting my ISA from Wealthify then it was worth writing about. Having the confidence to trust a company with your hard earned cash is huge! you need to know that they are honourable, backed by a big brand, Defaqto Expert rated for 2019, I was happy.  Obviously with any sort of investment there could be risk, but Wealthify are there to hold your hand through the process, and seriously who wants to give more money to the Tax Man?

Lyn x 

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