Aqua Manda Fragrance London

Hi Loves How often do you get a hint of a fragrance and instantly get transported back to a time and place you had completely forgotten about?  someone walks past you and you are haunted all day trying to remember when you know their fragrance from?  It happens to me often and often I am fascinated by the power of fragrances, they sit in our memory banks just waiting to be released. This happened to me in a huge style when The fragrances Aqua Manda & Aqua Citra arrived, I was instan… Read more

Investing your hard earned money

#Collaboration with Hiya Darlins You all know by now the story of my downsizing from a family house to a flat, the whole process has been terrifying exhausting challenging  worth every moment of stress and worry! The house had done it's job, it had protected my little ones ( who are now big ones) while they were growing up, been witness to hours of laughter and some not so funny situations but above all it was our family home for 24 years, once the bedrooms became empty th… Read more

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Radiance Foundation

Hello to your beautiful self, Revolution, or Makeup Revolution which ever you prefer to call them has done it again, if like me you struggle to keep up with all the new launches, worry not, this one you will thank me for, if you are a lover of medium/full coverage but don't like heavy matte formula's that creep into your lines and pores giving you the crypt keeper look then this foundation will be right up your proverbial street.  One thing I would say is that while I adore the … Read more

Burt's Bees Makeup Range

Hi Loves This is a post that I have been desperate to write, a full face of makeup from Burt's Bees, as you know Burt's is not new to my blog and you can read further posts  here if you wish, it has been a firm favourite for a long while now.  I think the thing that really makes it stand out for me is that while it is makeup it's definitely not "cakeup" what you get are gentle natural products that manage to deliver pigment without yelling look at me! Let's cra… Read more