Update Moving House & Chit Chat September

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Hiya Darlins,

just a little catch up from the worlds worst blogger, I think by now I must have dropped off the planet I have never in 6 years been this lapse at keeping up with my reviews for the blog, but anyone who has ever moved house will understand the current chaos that is my life.

As you know I decided to downsize as I don't need to be rattling around this house anymore and have decided on a much simpler life in a flat, or as the agents prefer to call it an apartment! as I am English it's a flat not a New York loft ( wishful thinking)  It's a lovely place and unlike this old house of mine it's very modern in design so I decided to bite the bullet and not take any of my existing furniture with me and go completely modern!  well I say modern, it's kind of like going back to my very first flat in the 70s all glass and chrome, I have to admit to being very amused by the fact that I stared in Glass and Chrome as a youngster and as this will probably be my last home I have ended up going full circle!  I could have saved my money and kept my old 70s crap lol.

I guess as far as moving goes I have been lucky, the house sold within the first week, those buyers dropped out and within 2 weeks it had 4 offers and sold. I have heard some horror stories since starting this process so am throwing my gratitude out to the universe.

Anyway, the house is currently in turmoil as I have sold all my furniture and am living with boxes, my TV is on the floor and I feel like a student minus the cider.  I have in the new place a dedicated office which will probably end up looking identical to this current one, a shrine to Ikea!  I thought I would pop up some pictures of what this place looked like so once I get settled into my throw back to the 70s pad  so we can compare the difference!

Apparently it should all be over in 3-4 weeks, thank the lord!  How much stuff can you accumulate in 24 years?  Lot's I can assure you, I am now extremely popular at the charity shop, either that or they are just really polite when they see me coming laden with boxes and bags!

Have you experience of moving?  let me know I'm not alone in this chaos.

Lyn x