SBC Gels Super Hydra 4 piece Collagen Collection Available on QVC August TSV


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We all know that lots of things diminish with age, and no I'm not talking about the will to live!  I am talking Collagen the main structural protein that is found in the skin and connective tissues of our bodies. The fact is  that after the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less Collagen in the skin each year. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age. So it would seem to make sense to include as much Collagen as possible into our beauty routines, you really don't need to be old to start, if we are losing 1% a year from age 20 then your twenties seems to be the perfect time to get into the habit of including Collagen into your routine.

Our friends at SBC Gels have everything you need this month to feed every part of your skin with Collagen rich products in the form of a Today's Special Value offer at QVC, if you have never picked up one of these offers or even seen them, you are seriously missing out on a fabulous way to get hold of the best quality skincare at a fraction of the price you would normally pay, these offers really are the time to stock up or even surprise someone with a fabulous gift!

SBC Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum 70ml

Words fail me to describe just how beautiful this serum is, it feels like literal silk on your skin, absorbs in seconds leaving your skin VISIBLY fresher, softer and more moisturised, a lightweight creamy gel that has the most beautiful light fresh, very slightly floral fragrance.  Rich in Marine Collagen, Passion Flower and Kukui Seed Oils you will wonder how you have ever lived without it, used day and night under facial moisturiser bring this gel all the way down to your bra line to see and feel the real benefits.  
The supersized 70ml will last forever as you only need a couple of pumps for full coverage.

SBC Hydra Collagen Intensive Moisturiser 90ml

This Intensive moisturiser is a new addition to the SBC range being a little more concentrated than the ordinary moisturiser for added hydration and softness, used over the Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum this rich creamy moisturiser leaves a very fine silk like layer to the skin which feels super soft and comfortable, it is a deep hydration that you will find lasts all day, unlike some other moisturising products where you can find your skin looking a little parched and tired around 3 o'clock, this combination will keep you looking fresh right through to the evening. 
The unique blend of Marine Collagen, Shea Butter and Rodacea Extract will diminish the appearance of fine lines by literally boosting the skin with moisture.  Applied both morning and night on face neck and decolletage, the cream is suitable for all skin types.  You really don't need a huge amount, be careful not to over do it or waste the product as you really don't need to. A little goes a long long way!

SBC Collagen Bath & Shower Creme 1000ml  1 Litre 

Seriously now, who gives you a whole litre of product to enjoy? 
Bathing and showering are part of our daily routines so they should be something enjoyable rather than a chore to get over and done with, SBC are giving pleasure to the experience in the form of this dual purpose Collagen bath and shower creme, a couple of pumps into running water will leave you with a fragrant soothing bath soak at the end of the day to relieve the stresses and strains of the day or as a beautifully refreshing shower foam that covers the whole body in fragrant bubbles, which ever way you chose to enjoy this creme your skin will thank you for it, you are left fresh clean and soft with no dryness or itching, your skin is left feeling supple and  not even slightly dry, to the point that is you wanted to be lazy and whizz out of the door without moisturising you really could. As with the other products in the range Marine Collagen, Passion Flower Seed Oil and Kukui Seed Oil deliver everything your skin needs to replenish and refresh.

SBC Collagen Skincare Gel  1000ml  1 Litre 

Having bubbled all your troubles and cares away with the SBC Collagen Bath & Shower Creme it's now time to give your skin the drink of it's life! 

There is something really fabulous about the skincare gels from SBC and this Collagen one is no exception, the gel literally melts into the skin without any sticky residue or the need to stand for ages rubbing white cream into the skin that when you are in a rush seems to never want to absorb!  it imply delivers moisture without any fuss at all, and you really can see the difference in your skin once you have used it. This gel is the complete package in that it can be used for both face and body, if you are not a lover of creams on the skin this lightweight gel will suit you perfectly as once applied you won't know it's there!

As with all products in the range you are left with a beautifully subtle fresh fragrance which will leave you sniffing your own arms, or maybe that's just me? 

This 4 piece supersized set not only delivers it also looks gorgeous in the bathroom, the packaging is really pretty as well as functional, it looks rather luxuriously special on your shelf at a bargain supersized price!

Only available on QVC from 9pm on 16th sure not to miss out.

Item number 239597 if you are new to QVC use the code Five4U for £5.00 off your first order.

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Post written in conjunction with SBC Gels. wording and views my own.