Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution

Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution
Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution 

Hiya Gorgeous,

Hope you are loving the sunshine still?  it's scorchio here in Surrey, am loving every second of it, all that's missing is a pool!

I am a huge lover of vitamins and supplements and with that in mind I was pretty keen to try out this Vitamin Solution from Time Bomb. First impression is that it has a lot of huge claims!  
"A topical mega-dose that supplements skins lost vitamins"

Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution
Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution 

To be fair I expected it to be pretty good as I have never used a Time Bomb product that I didn't like, but this has some pretty big claims on the package.

  • Improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts elasticity and firmness
  • Brightens and enlivens skin tone
  • Refines texture
  • Reduces dryness and roughness
This potent blend contains Vitamins A, B & C as well as a natural ingredient Backuchoil said to mimic retinol (vitamin A)  OK this part was music to my ears because if there is one thing that makes a visible difference to this old face it's retinol.  Vitamin C and retinol a renowned for drying out the skin and can often be too harsh for sensitive skins, Time Bomb have added what they call super hydrators to prevent this being a problem.

Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution
Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution 

My lord, this little bottle had a lot to live up to!

Used nightly after cleansing ( you don't need a lot ) this silky solution literally got swallowed up by my skin, it was as though it had been parched and was getting a drink. It says allow time for the product to absorb, I didn't need to wait longer than a couple of seconds.
As I said I expected to like this but not from night one!  the texture of my skin was touchably different in the morning, and after a week it really did see the benefits of the vitamin C and look brighter and fresher, there was no dryness, I didn't suffer with any redness or itching..........my skin is pretty normal, not usually sensitive but can sometimes react to strong chemical solutions, and get over stripped. No such problem, fine lines and wrinkles? well I still have wrinkles but at 62 I guess that's par for the course, but what it did do was make the skin feel tighter, almost taught which in turn left the fine lines almost invisible.

This is one of those products you would need to prise from my clutched hands as I wouldn't let it go!

Lyn x

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