PUR Fully Charged Mascara

Hi Loves, As you know PUR is not a new brand to be featured on the blog, I have reviewed a few products in the past and you can read them here , you will need a cuppa! This time around I have been trying something that is completely new to me.......Magnetic Technology Mascara, seriously I was like whaattttt???? but I'm glad I tried it. First off I made the mistake of just grabbing the tube and applying this as I would a normal mascara WRONG, to be honest I didn't think much at all… Read more

001 London Alpha-Paradise Cleansing Dew

Hi Loves,  You all know by now my obsession with cleansing, as much as I love makeup there is something really special about spending time taking it all off at the end of the day.  British Cosmeceutical Skincare Brand 001 London have launched Alpha-Paradise Cleansing Dew as your first step to deep cleansing, described by founder ADA OOI  as the grand opening to your cleansing routine this lightweight oil cleanser literally fills your senses with the heady fragrances of blooms such as Ja… Read more

Delfy Crackling Mousse Bodycare

Hiya Darlins How beautiful is this sunshine? I hope it's glorious wherever you are! Delfy as you know is a Spanish Brand available here in the UK that I often dip into  discovering-delfy-cosmetics.   and in fact Delfy mascara is up there in my top three mascara's, if you haven't tried it you are seriously missing out. This time around I was fascinated to hear about crackling body care!  stay with me...........body care that really crackles :)  they are foam products that expand… Read more

Time Bomb ABC Vitamin Solution

Hiya Gorgeous, Hope you are loving the sunshine still?  it's scorchio here in Surrey, am loving every second of it, all that's missing is a pool! I am a huge lover of vitamins and supplements and with that in mind I was pretty keen to try out this Vitamin Solution from Time Bomb. First impression is that it has a lot of huge claims!   "A topical mega-dose that supplements skins lost vitamins" To be fair I expected it to be pretty good as I have never used a Time Bomb pro… Read more

#COLAB Living to Excess

Hiya Darlins, Life today is more expensive than ever and we are constantly being advertised  the latest car, bag, palette.  With the colossal increase in the use of social media and the Instagram generation we find ourselves surrounded by, every man, woman and child feels the need  to ‘keep up’.  With the average U.K. household being £59713 in debt in April 2019,  it’s all too easy now to get in debt.  86.5% of new car sales are financed and you can get finance on everything now! From your car… Read more

MUA Pro/Base

Hi Loves As you can probably tell I am getting my blogging groove back on, it's been a while in this chaos that I call a life :) I have been desperate to bring this new range to you from Make up Academy.  MUA Pro/Base has been a total joy to discover but I have to admit to struggling to hold onto my stash, my youngest daughter who only ever wears NARS darling, is bugging the life out of me to give her my foundations, she has worn these and claims they leave NARS in the shade when it… Read more

Vida Glow Marine Collagen Skincare

Hi Loves, I have been trying out a new cleanser and exfoliator over the last few weeks and have been pretty impressed for more than just the cleansing abilities. This review is really late in being produced as many of you know I have been undergoing Chemotherapy and have had some major life changes of late   my apologies to both the brand and PR. I could be just me but whenever I think of Marine based products the first name that springs mind is hugely expensive and suited more to the ri… Read more