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Hiya Darlins

for those of you that think I have either dropped of the planet or been abducted by aliens I am writing this to show that I'm still live and kicking.  The blog has gone incredibly quiet lately as life has thrown it's usual spanner in the works of late.

Firstly I am undergoing Chemotherapy for this stupid condition of mine Ulcerative Colitis, the specialist decided that as steroids had stopped working this will be the next stage, I had one session last week and am due another on Monday, followed by 8 weekly top ups!  It was honestly fine, obviously a little worrying but I think that's just a case of the unknown.  It turned out to be fine, everyone was lovely and I had no side effects apart from being utterly exhausted but I think that was stress more than anything else, so all good in that department.  Next up I have been stripping the house like a mad woman in order to get it ready to sell, I decided it was time to be single so me and Mr Lavender Barn have parted company and I am planning on spending time doing *me*.   I will be either looking at a little house or possibly a flat I have come to the point where I don't need to be rattling around in a family home PLUS I hate gardening so will be glad to get a little space for a table and chairs rather that flipping grass that has the nerve to keep re appearing after it has been removed (rude) 

To add to the mix my youngest decided to buy a puppy!  as you do!  she works full time so puppy nanny has been driving everyday to put the little bundle in his carry bag and drive him here for the day, OMG exhausting or what?  he is utterly adorable, a little 12 week old Chihuahua named Fox but my god!  it was easier having babies........talk about attention seeking lol. 

All the estate agents have been and done the snooping, Fox is getting a little routine which is leaving me able to get back to my blogging, unfortunately I have had to decline so many amazing events of late and turn down a ton of products, but life sometimes gets in the way and you have to prioritise, so I hope you will forgive me being AWOL?.

Lyn x 


  1. Your No1 priority is you!
    Absolutely get yourself well my darling.
    At least it's all happened at once, what a heap u have to go through, u will as u are amazing and tough!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Kassie.

    Lyn x


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