The Inkey List Skincare

The Inkey List Skincare
The Inkey List 

Hi Loves,

recently I have been discovering skincare from The Inkey List, heard of them?  If you haven't you are in for a serious eye opening treat, it's very rare that something comes along this interesting......can you tell I have been loving it?

The Inkey List sell a product every 30 seconds since its launch in September 2018, founders Colette Newberry & Mark Curry have unravelled the jargon behind skincare, with the priority being high quality ingredients (some products run at a non profit to the brand) while the prices are out of this world value!  starting at 4.99 with the most expensive being 12.99.  Looking at the range you could be forgiven for thinking Deciems range The Ordinary, but dig a little deeper, well actually you don't need to dig, just look at the packaging and you instantly discover the winner that is the labelling,  I was a huge fan of The Ordinary but really can't be doing with needing a flipping science degree to understand ingredients every time I want to buy something for my skin, who has time for jargon nowadays?  the labelling couldn't be easier with The Inkey List, what it is , what it does and when & how to use it are right there for you in black and white.

While many brands remain invisible to the consumer these guys are right there holding your hand, they rely on social media for feedback from customers (good or bad) and respond accordingly, giving you a hashtag to ask questions #asktheinkeylist and a direct email to answer your beauty questions  giving you the feeling that you are dealing with real people and not a faceless corporation, which in these days of automation gives a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling.

 The products.....................

15 products in the range, I have tried three things so far.

The Inkey List Skincare
The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser

The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser 150ml

Ideal for Normal to Oily skin types, 2% Salicylic acid clears and unclogs pores without leaving your skin feeling stripped of moisture.  A small amount applied to a damp face and massaged for a few moments before rinsing away with warm water is all you need to do to be left with spotless skin that feels and looks amazing.  Zinc compound helps reduce excess oil while the 0.5% Allantoin helps sooth skin irritation.  I have been using this both morning and night followed by Vitamin C Serum and Hemp Moisturiser.

The Inkey List Skincare
The Inkey List Vitamin C

The Inkey List Vitamin C  30ml

Often known for being irritating on the skin I didn't find this the case with Vitamin C Serum, although you are advised to take it slowly and build up and that there may be a slight tingle to start with. What this serum actually does is brighten the skin tone, and protect the skin from harmful free radicals caused by pollution, while at the same time reducing fine lines. The serum has a slight waxy feel to it and sits on the skin beautifully. I used this both morning and night under the Hemp moisturiser for day and under my usual night creams at night.

The Inkey List Skincare
The Inkey List Hemp

The Inkey List Hemp 30ml

You will need to be careful that your other half does not steal this product from you, it is phenomenal at soothing shaving irritation and calming the skin of rashes/soreness etc.  I used it over the Vitamin C Serum as a daily moisturiser and loved it, although the fragrance is natural as the brand so not add fragrances I have to say it's not my favourite, a little "earthy" and natural, that said the smell wears off in seconds after application so it's definitely livable. and worth putting up with a couple of seconds for the fabulous results, suited to all skin types it works as a magical lotion soothes and calms. Hemp oil is full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which leave the skin feeling nourished and energised.

With No Parabens, fragrances, and No Animal testing I'm honestly at a loss to find fault with this brand at all and very much look forward to bringing you more from the range!

The Inkey List with Free Shipping over £15.00 Here

Lyn x

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  1. I thought this would be another one of those cheap knock offs but im actually pretty impressed at how well put together this range is

    Andrew James -

    1. Absolutely Andrew! I thought the same but am seriously impressed by the quality for the price. Lyn x


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