Life Update & Chat

Hiya Darlins

It's been a while! but here I am with another ramble. Life has been a bit crap health wise which explains my absence, nobody wants to hear an old bird whinging so we will leave it there.

This week there is a buzz going around the Internet about the latest issue of Vogue Magazine having a supplement that is apparently sponsored/endorsed by L'Oreal, the whole subject matter is ageing and I believe it's called the non-issue as ageing shouldn't be an issue.....OK we all know I am cynical BUT You have bought out an Issue specifically for a NON Issue? come on now. I stopped buying Vogue on a regular basis a few years ago due to it being nothing but ad's, I do pick up the occasionally copy if the cover grabs me, usually to be disappointed by the lack of content but at least it looks good on the coffee table :)

Today I shall be hunting down this issue not particularly because I want to know the thoughts of either Jane Fonda or Helen Mirren on ageing but because I want to see if this is just a brilliant advertising op for L'Oreal. Don't get me wrong in thinking I don't love L'Oreal with a passion, they have been flying the flag for our generation long before many brands and I have indeed (paid) worked for L'Oreal on the launch campaign for Age Perfect the make up range designed specifically for mature skin. Interestingly they have never asked me to work on anything else, presumably at my age I only wear age specific makeup? we know that ain't so!  My issue with the non-issue before I have even had a copy of it in my hands that is surely to god there are real women out there who represent us? I love Jane and Helen but really? you only have to look on the streets to find stunning mature women, women who girls will look at and say " I hope to look like that when I'm older" I remember way way back when I was young seeing these women, in my day they were usually in the hairdressers, usually with a french pleat, navy jacket, white pussy bow blouse and stunningly long red nails wafting of Chanel no5. Nowadays she is to be found in baggy linens with wild hair and a huge shopping basket strolling a shoreline alone in Ibiza, confident and relaxed in that state we get to where we don't give a sod what anyone thinks, if you are younger and reading this trust me, it comes to us all, my days of paranoia about being seen with "no eyes" on have long gone! I have no shame at all in traumatising  the postie with my new born piglet eyes! how things change eh?

Something else that popped up this week was the government considering lowering the voting age to 16. let's be bloody right here, at 16 you can't decide on what shoes to put with an outfit let alone decide on the leader of the country! The Gov needs to make up it's mind, are our kids old enough at 16 to drink? drive? by a lottery ticket? or even leave school now ? another example of crazy Britain.

That's me done ranting for a bit, hopefully my usual beauty blogging reviews will get back to normal this week as I have an absolute tone of gorgeousness to share with you.

Till then have a beautiful weekend, whatever you are up to.

Lyn x