Stopping to smell the roses.

Hi Loves,

As I write this post I am in a hospital hoo, no sympathy needed the reason I mention this is that I clearly needed this time of peace and quite to reflect on a few things.

How often do we really deep down appreciate what we have?  obviously during this boring period I have been addicted to the Internet as a way to while away the hours and a few consumerism posts got me really thinking, we all flick through images on the net at a million miles an hour nowadays and if you like something it's simply a case of click and buy, there is usually a shopping link supplied for you and no doubt your card is pre-programmed in, click and it's yours, gone are the days of wanting a certain item, going to every shop in Town and ending up buying it from the very first shop you saw it in, or even HEAVEN FORBID you should actually go away and think about the intended purchase overnight just to make sure you really want it!  We are already looking at the next thing while waiting on the delivery of the first.  I'm not knocking this at all, if this s your bag as it was mine when I was younger and it makes you happy fair play to you, enjoy the rush :)

I got to thinking how odd it is for me now I have reached a certain age not to lust after objects so much, don't get me wrong if I want something I want it yesterday and to be fair it's usually something fairly pricey like a camera or something, and yes I get the rush!  but everything else I can walk away from without a thought, recently we went to a shopping outlet where the Mister was trying to buy me some Jimmy Choo's don't get me wrong 20 years ago I would have slept and bathed in those buggers but on that day all I could think of was all the unworn lovelies I have at home, my girls were like "what is WRONG with you?"   I truthfully think as we get older our wants and needs change massively, I had no idea it would happen and that priorities would change so much.  

While sitting here I suddenly had a huge rush of gratitude that my 3 children are all happy and doing well at the same time, it tends to often be like spinning plates - right now my ducks are in a row!  and I so very proud of them, as a single Mum there were times when my priorities were food and heat so today I am grateful for being able to turn the heating up if I need it, and not fearing the bailiffs at the door.  All of my life all I have ever wanted was happy children and the ability to pay bills before the knock on the door and suddenly it occurred to me today that I am there.  Don't read this the wrong way and think we are minted, far from it but from where I was to where I am now I feel blessed, for the last 8 years I have been with a man that would put my needs above any of his and for that I am grateful.

So, advise from an old bird!  using a very overused  cliche stop and smell the roses......................just sometimes. You may be surprised at what you discover.

Lyn  x


  1. Oh globbits Lyn! Sorry you're in hospital. I hope whatever it is is sorted out and you're home soon. I definitely agree re smelling the roses. I'm off social media for Lent again and this year I've ditched games too. It's giving me some valuable thinking space. Get well soon x x

  2. I hope it's bringing you peace? I think sometimes a break is good for the soul, I will hopefully be home soon, it's just a case of getting IBD Colitis under control and back in remission, I'm confident )

    Lyn x

    1. I hope you're home now, or very soon. I'm certainly benefitting from the break, much more than last year. Lots to sort out with myself and at home to move things on. I've definitely got a lot to think about. Get well soon. x


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