Little Life Update (chat)

Hi Loves,

How are you?

I wanted to pop this quick post out just to cover my reasons for being semi AWOL this last week!
It has been a little bit hectic here to say the least, we have been waiting for my youngest daughter to complete on her first property, it was promised before Christmas but what with the legal stuff they decided it would be a good idea to exchange and complete on the same day!!! so of course it was all hands to the deck. achieving this at 26 on her own has been nothing less than a miracle. A brief rundown of why I say this.  My girl suffers from BPD which is a mental health condition, she was with her boyfriend for 7 years  to discover he was online chatting to a woman in another country, the upshot being he moved abroad, leaving the girl with a huge rent and a flat full of his old crap, and a broken soul!  what is it they say about women being strong when they need to be?  after licking her wounds and having some strange experiences with Internet dating she decided enough was enough. after lengthy discussions she bought a caravan!   yep, don't ask - Mum can  live in the garden?  sounds nuts right?  the thing is at the time of her moving back, I already had my eldest Grandaughter living with me ( who has now left me to live with her lovely fella bloody miles away!) and my 3rd bedroom is a smallish office, plus my daughter has two cats that walk on leads!  that couldn't live inside with us due to cat/dog and my passion for having doors and windows open........ anyway- she bought it and moved it in LOL, fortunately we managed to hide it away in the garden so we didn't look like a holiday camp, sorted her water, had extra power put in the house, decorated it pink and white and the rest was history, she literally saved like a mad woman to get her deposit. The flat is beautiful and I am so very proud to see where she is today, the end of the relationship turned out to be a blessing in disguise. She is doing an Open University degree in marketing so now has more space for her papers n stuff!

While this is going on over the space of a week, I get to go to hospital on an emergency with this stupid condition Ulcerative Colitis, I won't bore you but the needless to say the timing was a nightmare, and on moving in day I had already promised my youngest Grandaughter that we would go buy her prom dress, and a promise is a promise right?  she has her dress, is over the moon and I can't wait to show off her photo's when the time comes!  We didn't have the fun of such things in my day but I get to live another life through the girls LOL. And to end the week it will be my only Son's 30th birthday, so a visit and a day out is planned, I can't wait!

Well that's me this week, hopefully normal life (whatever that is) will resume.  I hope your week has been blessed with good things.

Lyn  x 


  1. That's a huge achievement for your daughter, amazing. My eldest, who's 33 soon, moved back in with us 3 times. She's a successful self employed tattooist now. Youngest who's autistic, will 23 this year. I think they'll be at home for a while yet. Sorry your UC's playing up. You probably know this already, but watch out for nutritional yeast, while it's great for most people there's some research that it makes UC and possibly other IBDs worse. I wish you a speedy recovery. Well done your daughter. x x


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