Being Old in a world of beauty bloggers & Influencers

Hiya Darlins,

Today I fancied a bit of ramble, as is my way!

Firstly I have no clue why I used the word influencers in my title I bloody hate that word. Anyways I was thinking about being old, I think at 62 I could now say I'm officially old- Boots think so I get extra points on my card for being an old bird, plus I get to go to London with a granny rail card, so it has some advantages.

Ya'll know I started blogging when I gave up my full time business, I got bored of cleaning the house and needed something else, so here I am.

I need to start by saying every day I feel grateful that brands and PR agencies have not put me in the "past it" bin and still see some value to my blog posts, all those back handers must have worked! (joke)

It's really strange what got me thinking about this as I have recently had a situation where I am convinced I was overlooked for being too old, and had to question the PR as to what is the deciding factor for them, I am still non the wiser but never mind.  It really is odd this old lark, it never EVER occurs to me that I am too old for anything, my body is another story it reminds me that swings and messing around are probably best left to younger fitter versions.  It's only just recently that it has got me thinking having been passed over for a couple of things, before you raise your eyeballs and think oh here's another entitled mare who expects everything, It wasn't like that at all, It was a couple of people that I had worked really really hard with in the past, all for free I might add, that just left me feeling a little unwanted.  Time to get out the worlds smallest violin LOL

It just got me thinking, I have for the last 4 plus years since I started my blog seen people saying the best opportunities only go to the young, thin and beautiful and I was there thinking nah that's just sour grapes.  But I am now beginning to see it more and more, I have mixed feelings about all of this as some of these girls are seriously STUNNING and I love the way the ordinary girl can now become a talked about star in her own right, but what about us lot who weren't blessed with the best looks or waist long hair, we can still add value, us poor old mutley's can still promote brands, and other old mutleys often like what we have to say!

I have been so so lucky since I started blogging and have been invited to some seriously beautiful places that having given up corporate work years ago would probably never have visited.  At these events you get to meet a whole array of different people, and I have to be honest and say often times I am just so busy people watching I forget to mingle, the ones that fascinate me the most are the crew who literally go out just to take pictures of themselves, whoa betide anyone who stands in the way of the best instagram shot, you are getting shoved lady, this is serious business!  I am stood there like a lost old bird with my mouth open staring.  The other camp of of these gorgeous young things are the loveliest people I have ever met, I have had the best hugs from the most surprising places. I do think it's too easy to judge everyone on face value, I have done it a couple of times and really lived to regret it.

So I guess the moral of this long winded tale is there are some and some in all walks of life. I think in today's world of social media it is way too easy to judge someone by a random selfie or a tweet, and often the most outgoing people on social are the ones crippled with self doubt. 


Lyn x 


  1. Great post and I couldn't agree with you more! Love reading your posts.

  2. Hi Pamela,
    thanks so much, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog it's always lovely to hear.

    Lyn x


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