Well that was 2018

Hiya Darlins

I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and while I appreciate I am kind of late with this I have to admit to being so switched off an zoned out over the Christmas/New Year Period I am only just starting to get back to normal.  Everyone has gone back to work and the house is empty for the first time in ages, it feels odd but I actually love it, I am quite happy rambling away to myself while I get stuff done, most often to ask myself why I walked into a room as I stand there gazing like an idiot.

2018.......Well I don't have a lot to say on the subject, it came and went as they all do, I had a couple of amazing bits of family news last year, my son got engaged my youngest daughter got her first mortgage! and my eldest daughter realised her ambition of being successfully self employed, how they grow up eh?  I think that's one of the reasons I struggle with Christmas. I miss the excitement of little kids with the build up and planning.  Grown ups are no where near as much fun and don't enjoy parading on Christmas Eve in their brand new nightwear!  why do we do that?  clean sheets and new jim jams?  Lord knows where it came from,  also the complete cleaning frenzy we go into before the big day, what's that all about?  the buggers are only going to come and make a huge happy mess again.  I adore beyond words being surrounded by my children and grandchildren on Christmas Day which is also my birthday but have to admit to not having the energy of a couple of years ago, rather than me doing the Christmas Dinner we now go out to eat which is a huge rest for me being waited on, but I do feel guilty as I hate seeing other people work at Christmas.  A hefty tip goes a little way to ease my guilt. 

I hope your year had moments of sheer joy and not too many moments of misery.  For those of you suffering with pain of any description or MH problems I am with you and wish you a beautiful happy 2019.

Lyn x