Transparency In Blogging

Hi Loves,

If you are a blogger you may want to skip this post as most of it won't be news to you in view of the recent guidelines we are all talking about.  This post is to ensure that I have complete transparency on my blog and that there is no confusion for readers as to my intentions with the blog.

Firstly let me just say, I am not here to sell to you.  I am not an influencer I am well aware that my readers are intelligent enough to choose where they put their hard earned pounds and nothing I say or do will change that!  (AS IT SHOULD BE)  This blog is to showcase products that I have used and my thoughts,  it has never been a space to slate products or brands, if I don't like something I simply don't write about it.

I think that as bloggers we assume (which is always the wrong thing to do)  that everyone knows where our products come from, this clearly isn't always the case.  Before I started blogging I often heard " Nan Zoella uses XYZ product, little did my small person know that Zoella was given these products for free or in some cases paid to talk about them,  popular bloggers get to go on the most exotic press paid trips where everything is laid on even the designer handbags left on the bed as a little token gift!!!  of course the brand will say there is no obligation to write about the trip, knowing full well that these girls will post every last detail on every social media channel they work with, it's an unspoken given,  and that's OK as long as it's made clear to readers that they have been given all this stuff by the brand.  NOTHING in blogging is free, we are sent products to test, try and hopefully love, there is no guarantee for the sender that a great review will be the result of the send out.  More often than not we are contacted by brands or PR agencies and asked would we like to sample XYZ and at that point we can either say yes please or no thank you, there is no obligation to accept everything you are offered and it would be daft to do so.  Often times things will just turn up that you weren't expecting and of course it is then your choice to review or not.  

We MUST tell you if we have been paid to write about a product, you will see a title with something like #AD #Spons #collab, I personally prefer #AD  to me that's the clearest way,  on each and every blog post I will finish by saying products have been provided by brand/PR,  if not I tell you I bought it, also affiliate links,  this is where we place a link for you to find the product should you wish to, this is a form of income which for huge bloggers/inflencers can be a decent amount of money, for small average bloggers you would be lucky to make a couple of quid a week.  The amount is pennies in commission but it aids to the running costs of a blog.

Actually putting this in words it seem like common sense, easy to understand and easy for bloggers to follow the rules, but no!  some people are shady, they want you the reader to think that they spend £7k on an outfit and that you should be aiming to do the same LOL  all the while clicking on the links that will earn them commission.  There is nothing wrong in any of this if they were honest!  that way you the reader have the choice to support the blogger or not.

On a personal level I have been examining some huge bloggers that I personally follow and have discovered a real lack of honesty, it has never occurred to me before as I assume that everyone knows how the industry works, wrong!  Can I just take this time to say if at any point you feel by blog is not clear or honest, mail me, get in touch, tell me I'm wrong. At the end of the day this blog would not exist without you and there is no way I would want to deceive.

Lyn   x