Thank You And Forgive Me

Hi Loves

I actually didn't think anyone would notice that I had kind of gone a little quiet of late, but from the many gorgeous emails I have had I thought it may be easier to do a little explanation.

In fact I need to vanish more often as my blog views have never been higher?  what's that all about? the less you work the more popular your blog?  that can't be right lol.  New Year is always a funny old time for me, I am not one of these people that bounce into the New Year with the New Year New Me attitude, quite the reverse, I do acknowledge after all these years that I NEVER do well in the Winter, it puts me into a deep black hole,  New Year seems to turn the hole into a giant crevasse that I struggle to get out of, only being made worse by the guilt I suffer knowing I have so many products waiting to be tested and reviewed I constantly live with the fear that I am letting people down.  I did however try and overcome the pity party this year with a diary and plans, only to be blessed with this stinking cold virus that everyone seems to have at the moment,  due to my IBD I am blessed with little to no immune system which means if it's out there I will catch it, and once caught my stupid body can't naturally fight it off so I get the joy for longer. Just greedy :)

While I am in my dark hole I do peep out and keep an eye on social media which of course isn't always healthy, as it's the usual everyone else is having a fabulous time thing.  Of course we know their not but it highlights the hole.  I also see many many bloggers churning out daily content like steam trains, churning out probably isn't the nicest term but that's sometimes how it looks by the lack of enthusiasm for the products being written about.  In truth I am jealous,  my whole family have had to listen to me clack on about my biggest failure in terms of blogging.  I am NOT consistent, I know this and have yet to accept it, I try I really do,  I am 100% aware that this is the number one key to successful blogging, therefore I will never be a successful blogger, whatever that means?  I know this is a huge failure on my part, my lord there are enough bloggers out there selling blogging tips to know that consistency is key.  But unfortunately for me what you see is what you get and I am not one one of the fake it till you make crowd, so do I accept my failings?  Nah I'm a Capricorn and as such I'm a stubborn old goat, so once again in 2019 I will be attempting to cure my failings,  but please forgive me if I fall short once again,  62 years of having the same personality is a big thing to change.  I can only write, speak and act with honestly, often much to my detriment as the world seems to want everything sugar coated nowadays.  

In a nutshell, she's back.  Thank you all for your love and support,  I struggled to write this post but thought without explanation me bouncing back on the scene all glitter and sprinkles could seem a little odd.

Lyn   x


  1. Admire your honesty Lyn. I think a lot of people suffer at this time of year but in our picture perfect Instagram lives no-one owns up to it. Hope you feel better soon and the blogosphere is there whenever you're ready. Gail x

    1. Thanks so much Gail, I am taking a different approach to it all this year :)

      Lyn x

  2. Aww my gorgeous Lyn. Don't be so hard on yourself! Look at me, I only posted my first YouTube video in over two years!! Things get in the way and that's life! Your little space of the internet will still be here for whenever you want to use it. Thanks for your friendship these past years. Sending lots of love xx


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