Pixi Tonic

Pixi Tonic

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I have no doubt you will have heard of if not tried the cult product from Pixi we know and love the original

Pixi Glow Tonic

Often copied since it's creation in London's Soho Pixi Glow Tonic contains 5% Glycolic Acid that will literally eat away dead skin cells with every use, when I say eat away don't let it scare you, Gylcolic Acid is not a scary product, if you have yet to try it, you can thank me later as I promise you will never realise just how good your skin can feel.  simply apply the tonic to a cotton wool pad and wipe over cleansed skin morning and night, you will see an IMMEDIATE glow to your skin and you will want to keep touching it as it will be incredibly smooth and soft. 

Pixi Tonic

New additions to the cult favourite are Pixi Retinol Tonic and Pixi Rose Tonic.

Pixi Tonic

Pixi Retinol Tonic 

Known for it's anti ageing qualities Retinol really is a must have when keeping skin both plumped and hydrated, with the addition of Jasmin flower this tonic soothes and plumps the skin, minimising the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the texture of the skin feels soft and looks calmed with no signs of redness. use daily after cleansing.

Pixi Tonic

Pixi Rose Tonic

Rose and Elderflower are the key ingredients to this nourishing toner, with it's delicate rose fragrance formulated on a Rose Hydrasol base, the tonic is both soothing and cooling, it ensures there is no redness or irritation to the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and super hydrated, I particularly enjoy this tonic as I have a love for Rose fragranced products, use twice daily on cleansed skin.

You may be wondering which to choose from the three tonics, I would say 100% that the Original Glow Tonic should be in everyone's beauty kit, and if ageing is a concern then Retinol is key, for soothing and calming and if like me you love a Rose fragrance then Rose Tonic will hit the right note.  on a personal level I find that all three can be used in rotation with no ill effects, that way I am gaining benefit from all the ingredients.  I tend to use a Tonic always after double cleansing just to ensure my skin is spotless and getting a treatment before serums and creams.

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