Perricone MD New Essential FX Range

Perricone MD New  Essential FX Range
Perricone MD New  Essential FX Range

Hi Loves

This post has been a while coming although as the title implies the range is New it is not "out this week" new. This new range follows the success of the Cold Plasma range and as always at Dr Perricone the research never stops not even after 20 years!

There are 5 items in this new Essential Fx Acyl-Glutatione range and I have 3 here to show you.

The main components of the whole range are Acyl-Glutathione and Vitamin F blend. before you start shaking your head saying there is no such thing as Vitamin F you are right - It is a term used by Perricone to describe the mixture of Essential fatty acids used in the product.  These fatty acids such as omega 3 & 6 as well as Lin are know for having rich anti inflammatory properties, therefore soothing and restoring the texture to the skin.

Perricone MD New  Essential FX Range

The range includes

  • Deep Crease Serum
  • Intensive Overnight Moisturiser
  • Rejuvenating Moisturiser  - shown
  • Eyelid Lift Serum - shown
  • Smoothing & Brightening Under Eye Cream - shown 
As many of you will know I am a huge fan of Dr Perricone skincare and have written about them previously here on the blog, this range is no exception, although the brand isn't cheap it's a skincare investment and has a huge following of die hard fans that wouldn't consider using any other brand.

Perricone MD New  Essential FX Range

Perricone MD Rejuvenating Moisturiser 30ml  

Housed in its glass gold topped jar the cream is  lightweight absorbs easily and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth with a very slight residue, my skin felt fully hydrates through a full day and the cream stopped any dry patches occurring throughout the day. It does give the appearance of softer fine lines and creases which really was a bonus. Used at night after cleansing my skin felt fully refreshed in the morning and definitely had a "bounce" to the texture, It really is one of those products that gets better with time and regular use.

Perricone MD New  Essential FX Range

Perricone MD Eyelid Lift Serum 15ml

Housed in it's glass bottle with a handy pipette this serum really was - avoiding the pun, an eye opener for me. I have never used a product designed just for the lid alone. Using the pipette I squeeze one drop just under the brown bone and the serum stays in place, I thought it may run into my eyes but no, it sits there until you are ready to gently tap it all across the eyelid area. This product to me is a game changer, from the very first application the lids look less crepey have a firmer texture and just look generally better. This funnily enough was the one item I was most dubious about and for me it's the best in show.

Perricone MD Smoothing & Brightening Under Eye Cream 15ml

Described as a cream I would say this is more of a balm in texture it, your under eye area literally drinks it up like a thirsty little cactus. Until using this I had no idea my under eye was dry! The moisture plumps and smooths when you didn't think it was needed, and reduces the appearance of bags and dark circles after a couple of weeks of use. This is not an instant quick fix, but you really do see results on regular use.  Using both products one on the upper lid and one on the lower under eye area really feels quite indulgent, but for me the results are speaking for themselves.

Check out the Essential FX Range Here, alternatively click the images below.

Lyn x

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  1. I'm always amazed Lyn at the way the cosmetic industry tries to make us buy more products. Now we've got 2 products for the eye area. Still, I know Perricone products are good and your review has interested me in the upper lid product.

    1. Gail I hadn't thought of that LOL, It is a good one though! I can see an improvement in my wrinkly lids :)

      Lyn x


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