Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer

Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer
Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer 

OK,  let's start by addressing the whole dupe controversy as I am well aware that I will get snarky comments from people that absolutely hate the idea of dupes/copies.  It's something that nowadays seems to be everywhere, from Primark to MakeUp Revolution, W7 and more. 

My feelings on this topic?  are if I'm honest mixed, I do feel incredibly bad for small brands that come up with a fabulous idea and then get it copied at a super cheap price, that said I also feel the quality is never as good and if a person could afford the real thing then I am convinced that would be their first choice.  I also 100% remember a time when putting something for £5.99 in my weekly shop would have been considered a serious luxury and that not everyone has the funds to buy the top of the range, OR are as fortunate as us bloggers who are sent it for free!  I think it's easy to become a snob about something you are not spending your hard earned cash on.

So. For the purpose of my blog I will sometimes buy these products as I want to compare them to the real deal.

Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer

Starting with Aldi Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer £5.99 this is quite clearly a copy of Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer £26.00

Both come in Black & White packaging both are 30ml  and both have Dimethicone  and Dimethicone Vinyl in the top 5 ingredients. Dimethicone (also called polymethylsiloxane) is a silicon-based polymer used as a lubricant and conditioning agent this is what makes the primer leave a smooth finish you will also find it in hair conditioners. 

Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer

I did a trial of these using one on each side of my face under foundation for a full day and evening.

On application the Smashbox feels drier to the touch and the Lacura more slippery. The application of foundation was pretty similar although I got a more even finish with the Smashbox side, the Lacura side was a little patchy.  The wear test was the interesting one as both held their own right the way through to the evening although the Lacura didn't stand up as well as Smashbox in leaving a flawless finish.

Verdict: For the finished look Smashbox wins hands down, BUT if you had never used Smashbox you would be seriously impressed by Lacura, I used an even amount of product on both sides of the face and feel I could have achieved a better look on the Lacura side had I used more product.

Both Brands are Cruelty Free. Smashbox is owned by Estee Lauder.

Smashbox online here

What are your thoughts on Dupes? good or bad? let me know in the comments.

Lyn x

Both products purchased by me.