Champagne Lifestyle With A Lemonade Pocket #spons

Hiya Darlins,

At this time of year we are surrounded by beauty luxury, which I'm sure you have looked at, maybe wanted to add to your Christmas list but wouldn't dare due to the cost?

Luxe life comes at a price, maybe you have seen your favourite bloggers living the luxe life and thought why not me?  I saw a blog post the other day from a top blogger and thought Ohhh that's a lovely outfit - jumper, skirt and boots.  Of course there were links to enable you to buy the said outfit which was really kind if you just so happened to have SEVEN AND A HALF GRAND knocking around in your purse !!!!!!  funnily enough I didn't and as always thought flipping heck I would need to win the lottery to even consider an outfit of that price, to be fair even if I had my winnings in the bank I wouldn't spend it on fashion clothing, However I would spend it on Beauty luxuries, I would have so many spa experiences people would think I had immigrated, I would buy every luxury calendar that I have seen and lusted after over the last few months, I would sleep on zillion thread count count sheets, wear cashmere daily and waft around wearing the very best fragrances money could buy.  Of course I would sort the family out but at the end of it all I would spoil myself stupid.



As women we always, always put ourselves after partners, children, bills and often even the dog, there are a long list of priorities that often aren't us.  so If you just per chance had your numbers come up I think you would deserve to treat yourself to life's luxuries, after all you can't take it with you!

Liberty London

Can you imagine waking up from your perfect bed, slipping on the fluffiest thickest towelling robe ever and running yourself a fragrant bubble bath before starting your day? which of course would be popping along for a Mani/Pedi, facial and a massage.  Seriously, I am sat here sighing at the thought as I type LOL

The thing with all of these thoughts is that you have to be in it to win it, someone has to win so why not us?  I always forget to pick up a ticket and kick myself every time.  Using the Lottoland website makes placing your chances easy, everything is taken care of for you all you have to do is sit back an dream of planning your winnings.

Lyn x

Post written in partnership with Lottoland, thoughts are my own dreaming.