Talking About The Menopause With Superdrug

Talking About The Menopause With Superdrug
Talking About The Menopause With Superdrug

Hiya Darlins

As you will know if you follow me on Instagram, I recently attended an event held by Superdrug to discuss all things Menopause, The panel of speakers was a really interesting line up of women who all had stories to tell. Chaired by Jo Elvin Editor of You Magazine, Irene Shelly, Editor in Chief of Black Beauty and Hair, Dr Pixie McKenna, Superdrug Heath Ambassador, Sarah Vine, co founder of Get The Gloss and Daily Mail Columnist alongside Joanne Mackie Superdrugs Director of Customer Services & People all had hilarious stories to tell.

The thing with Menopause and Peri Menopause is that it does need talking about, it's not a thing that we need to hide away or feel embarrassed about as it comes to us all in the end, the same as periods, all part of the joy's of being female! it's how we, and those around us deal with it seems to be they key to making life a lot easier, one of the questions asked was "Do you discuss it with your family" in my case YES!  they all know that at any moment the windows will be flung open seeing me gasping for air and almost ripping my clothes off yelling "I'm having a turn!"  I even have what is affectionately known by the family as the Menopause fan, it's a cheap 2 Euro fan that I bought a few years ago in Spain, that has a permanent spot in my lounge, I only have to ask my Granddaughter to pass the Menopause fan and she knows what it is :)

It's no secret when I'm suffering ha ha.

Talking About The Menopause With Superdrug
Talking About The Menopause With Superdrug

I am lucky in that as a family nothing is sacred we are a group of over sharers, I know that isn't always the case with some people but you should be able to share and not suffer alone.  If you are a regular reader here you may remember that last year I did a post on a report that Superdrug produce every year where they survey their customers to get feedback on what we think at age 50 plus, they call this report #LifePlus and I personally love it. You get the sense of not being alone in your thoughts and know that other ladies have the same things going on and you are not the crank you possibly thought you were.

Talking About The Menopause With Superdrug
Talking About The Menopause With Superdrug

Superdrug are so supportive of our generation with the report they have also produces supplements specifically designed to help us through Menopause, skincare designed especially for our flushed and sensitive faces and on the whole offer a huge ton of support.  There is more to the company than you would ever think when you pop in for a packet of aspirin, there are teams that work behind the scenes aiming to make life easier for us.

A few facts that came out of the report.

  1. Moisturiser is women's number one beauty product.
  2. Two thirds consider perfume a daily essential.
  3. 82% think it's important to see mature women in beauty ad's.
  4. 8% Said they rarely saw women of their age shown in beauty campaigns
  5. 68%  don't think the media deals adequately with the Menopause
  6. 18% think the secret to staying young is an active sex life.
  7. 80% believe keeping active is key to youthfulness.
  8. 68% said hot flushes are the most common Menopause symptom.
  9. 55% thought that getting older got bad press.
  10. 29% said good make up is key to staying youthful.

Putting Menopause symptoms aside I personally think getting older is fabulous for so many reasons, the main one being is not giving a bugger, nowadays, I can go out with no eyes on and not care, I can say when someone else is beautiful without feeling that it is lessening my self esteem, I can do, say and wear whatever I want without fear of people not liking me. All in all it's OK to be a hot flushed old bird :)

Lyn x