5 Life Lessons I'd Pass Onto My Younger Self #ad

Hi Loves, 

I had one of two choices when writing this post I could have taken the easy route and thought up 5 frivolous things just to fill this white space but there are some (I think) important things that in hindsight could have changed the course of my life, and there is a tiny glimmer of hope in me that hopes these words may give someone food for thought.  Please be aware not all easy subjects.

  1. Life isn’t always fair! This came as a huge shock to me at a very young age when being wrongly accused and punished for writing the word shit at age 7, I can totally see the humour in it now but at 7 years old being made to stand for 3 hours in front of the class with a metal rubbish bin on your head felt really unfair at the time! Although I like to think I rocked the Dalek look pretty well 😂
  2. You can buy as many creams and potions as you like for your skin but you cannot put a price on health, I honestly wish I hadn’t thought I was indistructable for the best part of my life, no I shouldn’t have smoked, yes I 100% should have worn SPF and yes I should have taken more care of my inner self, this said I gave up smoking 15 years OK, wear SPF like its a religion and take daily vitamins and supplements including Lumity Life, which I have discovered in the last 2 years, they have helped enormously in feeding my skin from the inside out, and more than anything make me feel good in that I am now helping myself mentally and physically on a twice daily basis, I have written a blog post about them previously which you can read
  3. Abuse of any kind is never ever OK, trust me in that if a man puts his hand on you once it will NOT be the last time, leave, pick up whatever you can and just leave!  Do not think oh I need to stay for the children, money whatever. Just bloody leave and don’t wait 18 years to do it. I promise you if you stay it only gets worse, and you are stronger than you think, and everything does turn out OK in the end x 
  4. It’s OK not to be OK, you have nothing to prove as a woman, take the time to care for yourself and stop trying to be superwoman, the dust will be there tomorrow, get your coat and do something for yourself.
  5. It all works out in the end. We often go through stages in our lives where we honestly think we can’t cope and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I promise there is, whatever feels like crap now you will look back in in years and revel at the strength you had and how you coped and it will all be a distant memory. Life is good you just have to “shed the shit” look after yourself and grab every single moment that makes you smile. 

Thanks to Lumity Life for allowing me the freedom to write this post in collaboration with them using my own words and thoughts. 

Just a quick note on the brand. When I very first started using the product I was in the process of supporting a beautiful make up artist that does a huge amount for charity and at the time was looking for support from brands to give products to her women in need, without a blink of an eye Lumity were there donating without being asked, and as always supporting women in every way possible. 

Lyn x 

Post written in collaboration with Lumity Life, words and thoughts are my own. 


  1. Loved reading this Lyn, the point about abuse really stuck out and it's SO true, any form of it must be recognised and stopped! Lumity Life looks really interesting *googles*

    Char xxxxx

  2. Thanks Char, thanks for reading.

    Lyn x


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