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Hi Loves,

Firstly please don't think I believe that I am in any position to give serious blogging advice, but this morning some thoughts came to me, which really should be obvious when it comes to dealing with PR Agencies and Brands directly but from the stories I hear and see from both sides, clearly are not obvious to us all!

A year or so ago I kept seeing the term FOMO being used all over social media, and while I like to think I am down with the kids, some things escape me and I put a shout out to ask what it meant. Fear of missing out was the reply that came back, I gave this some thought and of course it was obvious, HOWEVER it's bull and is just something that will make you miserable, I understand the feeling of not being picked for something or not being invited to something, regardless of your age it takes you back to the feelings you had as a child when a you were desperate for an invite to the popular girls party that everyone was talking about!  that feeling you would have got thinking why not me? am I not good enough?  well you know what, maybe the bird had a small living room and it was full............It is not a reflection on you, it's just life. Bloody hell I am not naive enough to think it's an easy emotion to shift, you see someone else getting great opportunities with a PR or Brand you have worked hard to build a relationship with, it's hard not to get the raging hump, but like everyone around me knows my answer is always (it's just stuff) and if you want it bad enough you will find a way to buy it, if not go buy something cheap and write about that.

Not all Brands an PR are created equal there are good and bad in all walks of life, I am fortunate enough to have some amazing relationships with fabulous PR's and when you have a great relationship you value it, on the other hand be prepared to be treated like blogger fodder, you have one of two choices, either put up or shut up, I find it easier to walk away from this type and ignore the press releases, not because the product is no good but the whole experience leaves you feeling small and worthless. Nobody needs that!  Again with brands, especially small start ups, you will be the best thing on the planet for all of 5 seconds until the next best thing on the planet comes along. Don't take it personally, this took me a while to learn as it felt pretty shitty, but hey ho you learn to get a thick skin if you want to blog.

Now here is a very important lesson, please be aware that you are not the only one out there desperate to be recognised, it's no good stalking these people or making a show of yourself by hinting tweets or blatant begging, it comes across as desperate and quite unpleasant to see, also if you do choose to get in touch with a brand or PR don't send a bloody shopping list!  please bear in mind that you are not entitled to anything EVER!  Just because Jenny From The Block got the latest XZY Palette it is not automatically yours.  Also should you decided to get in touch for product, do the right thing and test it out, don't just gather "stuff" for the sake of it, there are plenty of people out there that would take your spot.   I have heard some horrific stories where this entitled attitude comes across and gives us all a bad name. 

So this whole FOMO thing really is just nonsense, it's probably one of the most destructive things you could suffer from, just walk away, go make a cup of tea, stay off the Internet, and look at what you have achieved so far, I bet any money there is more to be grateful for than to be jealous of?  And besides not many people look good green. 

Any comments would be great, tell me if I am wrong? tell me your experiences, tell me ALL.

Lyn x 

No Brands or PR'S were harmed in the writing of this post :)  


  1. Hey Lyn! Great post. Made me chuckle. I agree with you. If I want to try something I’ll buy it and give an honest professional opinion.

    1. LOL Glad you liked it Tracy, thanks for reading.
      Lyn x


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