Bloggers Vloggers & Smoggers

Hi Loves

This is one of these random thought posts that I sometimes do, I have no idea where these cranky thoughts come from but every now and again thoughts pop in and need somewhere to go.
This morning my thoughts turned to the whole area of blogging, vlogging and smogging. Why do people do what they do?  Most people have a reason for putting themselves out there on social media although I'm not sure if you asked them why they do what they do they would have a concrete answer, they may give you the answer that they think you want to hear " I love to share my passion for XYZ"  or " I do it for my readers"  well the readers came because you started so that's not an answer. 

Whatever the reason it took balls,  at least I hope it did. It should be a considered action to share your life, voice and thoughts to complete strangers and hope that they don't hate you. Some will start because they think it's an easy cop out to "real" work! If you are a blogger you can stop laughing now. I have never worked so hard or stressed so much since starting blogging. Others will think it's an easy way to make a quick buck, wrong!  people will see right through that cobblers. Whatever it was I have no doubt it was genuine as after all no one wants to be the smogger!  Why did I start? if you are a regular reader you will know that I was self employed for many years and due to illness (dull) and aided by the crap economy I decided it was time to give up, bored of cleaning, washing and ironing I needed something else so spurred on by my daughter who was already blogging I decided to dip my toe and share my thoughts to nobody in particular at first, it felt as though I was talking to the air ( nothing new there then)
As time goes on you begin to realise people are reading and getting involved, you make friends and some not so friendly and you invest, both time and money but more so time. With this investment in time you become deeply committed to your blog so walking away would seem impossible. I read so often about people thinking of giving up as they don't feel they are getting anywhere. 

 Ask yourself - where are you trying to go?  which must come back to the question "why are you doing it"  This leads me to smoggers, yes I know it's a word I have made up but I think it accurately describes the person who is fake, the one who works behind a smoke screen of bull***t, they would have you believe that they awake everyday like a Disney princess, have the perfect outfit of the day laid out ready to photograph for your delight, their pet never craps on the floor, and when they do their cleaning videos for Youtube the house was of course spotless to start with!!  Yes; Cleaning videos are a thing!  Please..... give me a break. The smoggers are the ones who bought a zillion followers and use things like bots to like our irrelevant work, so we think oh cool, XYZ super popular blogger likes my work, NO SHE DIDN'T an app did lol, these people are amusing-frustrating yes but on the whole amusing, maybe it's my age that makes me not care what Sally in the valley is doing with her time on social media, if it doesn't affect me or my family I don't really give a frig. BUT I can see how frustrating these smoggers are for a person who wants to make a career out of social media, or the ones who work full time and invest every spare moment into creating fabulous content ( the real people) yes you!

 The injustice is annoying I know and I hear so many people yelling about it not being fair and that something should be done. And yes of course they are right, but you know what? Life isn't always fair, it's a harsh lesson to learn as a kid but it's a fact of life unfortunately. But if you can open your laptop knowing that you, your life and your content are genuine then you can't ask for better than that. You can sleep at night knowing you are not a smogger and really that should be fair enough.  Ignore the smog it will dissipate it always does and life has a funny way of sorting things out for the good.

If you have managed to stay with me I thank and applaud you.

Lyn x