A Very British Summer

Hi Loves

Waking up this morning to another glorious blue sky prompted me to think about British Summers (obvs) I cannot express just how happy this weather makes me, I do suffer with winter miserable bitch syndrome, I hate the house being all closed up and the constant darkness, I know a lot of people, my youngest daughter being one that adore everything about winter, where I on the other hand can't find anything good other than candles!

As a nation we love to talk about the weather some saddo's among us will even write a blog post about it!  but we never quite know how to handle a heatwave, we moan that it's a different heat abroad and that we don't have a pool and yep, I totally agree, we sweat, we drip we look mainly crap everything is an effort. BUT........when you can sit outside even for half an hour with the sun on your face the world just seems like the perfect place. Being ancient I can remember back when we really did have proper seasons, Winters were harsh, and Summer's were long. As a family ( Mum, Dad & me) spent every holiday for years doing the same thing at the same time, last week of June and the first week of July in Devon and Cornwall a week at each as the parents were guaranteed of the blazing sun, sandy beaches, crab fishing and burying the old fella in sand weird stretchy wrinkly swimming costumes. The trauma of having my sandwich stolen by a seagull at age 4, at the time it seemed like an Albatross, it has left me with a fear of birds but caused my Mum & Dad to cry laughing!  LOL cheers parents, the award goes to.................Not them!  School summer holidays were spent knocking about on bikes for the whole of the six weeks, only coming home for food, the outdoor Lido at Tooting Bec Common and Streatham Common for the Rookery ( I think that's what it was called) 

We nowadays always feel as though we have to travel abroad for the weather but thinking about it surely it's more than that? if we can have the high temperatures at home why is going away still more attractive? when we are home there is still the run of the mill stuff to do, which isn't easy in the heat, on holiday drinks come with an umbrella rather than a tea bag, and cooling off in a pool is favourable to sticking your feet in a washing up bowl. That said, I want this Summer to go on forever, and the funny thing is a friend of mine who is ancient like me says we now count out Summers, it's true instead of moaning about the heat lets just enjoy it and every Summer that follows.

Lyn x 

Image credit. Country Living magazine.