Underwired Bra and Boob Lumps

Hiya Darlins,
this isn't my usual type of post but it's one I feel the need to share.

Let me just start by saying I have a family history with three generations of Breast Cancer, as such my girls have been getting checked since my 50's, a couple of years ago I had the usual boobie squeeze appointment and then got the dreaded call back letter, it turned out they had found a lump, so off I went to have a biopsy not knowing at all what to expect, turns out they do it while you are awake! Blimey I was putting on a good job of looking brave all the time absolutely bricking it at being cut, in truth it was no where near as bad as it sounds and the whole thing was 100% painless, the wait for the result was three weeks, and of course I tried not to worry but you know how your brain works overtime in these situations, so it was a long three weeks, the day came when I got the result call only to be told they didn't get enough and that I needed to go through the procedure again! grrrrr. Back I went and did it all again, and the result came back in another three weeks as being clear. Brilliant news.

Moving on, I had experienced pain for about 7 weeks, and thinking that if it was anything grim it wouldn't hurt right?  I ignored it thinking it would go away. THEN I saw a program on the telly box where a lady had had pain and it turned out to be bad news, of course this had me straight down the doctor's, who I must add was lovely. She examined me, felt nothing and said I had probably pulled a muscle in my chest. OK happy with that, the next thing a letter arrived to see the specialist. Stay with me as there is a point to this post.  He examined me and said yes there is a mass........MASS? WTF?  he assured me he didn't think there was anything to worry about but wanted to do a mammogram and a scan to be on the safe side, so that's where I am off to over the next two days starting today, wish me luck.

I don't want this post to come across as miserable or anything of that sort, but what I do want to say is be careful of underwire bras, I have worn these all of my adult life without giving it a second thought, and it turns out the consultant says he thinks this could be the cause for the mass and the pain, in the 2 weeks all of this has been going on, I have swapped to non wired bras and guess what? the pain is gone!  I am convinced that this is the reason for the problem so wanted to put a warning out there just for you to give the wires a rest from time to time.  I am 100% convinced all my tests will come back confirming this and will update you once the results are in.

UPDATE 7th June.

After a Mammogram and Ultrasound it turned out that they found the same tiny lump as before so nothing to worry about there, but established that the pain and discomfort was definitely caused by wearing underwire bras for many years. So again I urge you to get fitted properly or ditch the wire.

GET a comfy bra :) 

Love Lyn x 


  1. Very happy to hear you have the all clear xx take care of yourself H


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