Random Money Saving Beauty Tips

Hi Loves,

It's clear from this post that I haven't always had a ton of make up or even enough money to buy a ton of make up so I wanted to share with you my top money saving tips.  

  1. Mascara. If your Mascara is as dry as you bank balance stand the closed tube in a cup of boiling water for a couple of minutes, it will be like brand new.
  2. Lipstick. If your favourite shade is discontinued or running low, invest in a little lip brush, I promise by digging away you will at least get another month or so of wear.
  3. Nail Varnish. This one makes anyone that comes to my house giggle, I do it to this day. Keep them in the fridge, yep they last for around 3 years if kept icy chilled, and apply so much better!
  4. Cotton Wool. Keep cotton wool pads, damp in a Tupperware box for removing make up or applying product, firstly it feels nice and cool, secondly it makes the product last longer as dry cotton wool drinks up your product. I had actually forgotten about this tip until writing this post, it was taught to me donkey's  years ago by a make up artist.
  5. Perfume. While it's lovely to have out on display, the light is killing your fragrance!  Keep it boxed.
  6. Make up Pencils. If you need to sharpen your pencils, it's a good idea to refrigerate them for a while first, it saves a gloppy mess on the pencil sharpener plus you get a fabulous sharp tip.

I hope these have helped, or at least made you smile at my madness.

Lyn x