DAFNA'S Beyond Skin Deep Recovery Cleanser

Hi to your gorgeous self,

Let's talk about cleansing, well.....not the whole routine of cleansing, I want to chat specifically about Dafna's Beyond Skin Deep Recovery Cleanser.

I have trialled  Dafna's-Revival Bio-active Beauty Mask. previously and fell in love, this time I have to say it's love again. On first appearance you look at this balm cleanser and think Oh Oh I have seen this before, however.......dig a little deeper and you will discover that this is not like another balm you may have tried, it's different.

Why?  I hear you ask......well I like to think you asked that anyway!

This cleansing balm is a dual use nutrition formula packed with cruelty free 100% pure bio essential oils with no parabens, mineral oil, asaline, petroleum, silicones SLG or any other artificial ingredients. This is a balm to milk cleanser that when applied to the skin literally melts away grime and make up, you simply use a pea sized amount of the balm, a spatula is supplied to save you contaminating the jar with your fingers, rub onto dry skin and leave for a few seconds to work it's magic, you can leave the balm for around 2 minutes for a deeper cleanse, and this is where the dual use comes into play, once your skin is cleansed you can then apply the balm to your dry skin and leave overnight for super hydration, what you will find is the fragrance will help to calm your mind and sooth your senses, the lemongrass and citric oil fragrance really does have a relaxing effect making you want to breathe extra deeply.

The product comes in 50ml black glass jar which not only looks good it protects the formula from harmful daylight, as you are only using the smallest amount it will last you the full 6 month shelf life easily.

Lyn x

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