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IGK Hair
IGK Hair

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If you are a keen social media follower you would have heard news of IGK Hair or maybe seen their instagram, if not - you are in for a treat.

It's not often that something really new and exciting falls into my hands but THIS brand!  seriously, talk about cutting edge!  I am not going into the whole history of this brand on this post as I could be here for ever, these guys don't sit still for a moment. The brand name is an acronym of the 4 owners names and IGK is currently available exclusively in the UK at SpaceNK however.............expect them to become a household name soon in the UK as once tried you will wonder how you lived without them,  remember the other 3 letter brand name that hit the hair market some years ago that possibly every woman and her dog now own?  this in my opinion will be the same.

Let me just start by saying I personally loathe dry shampoo, there I said it, probably not what you were expecting to hear but it's the truth, all the girls in my family think I am odd, they are all fans of various brands and use the stuff as though it were a part of any beauty routine. I have over the years tried some, not all obviously but most of what I have tried has left me looking as through I have rolled on the floor of a baby powder factory, and quite frankly left me feeling nothing less than gross and grubby.  OK, I know I am old but there it is, I am the first to admit when I am wrong and I must be honest and say that I approached this brand with a bit of a curled up lip, I fully expected to hate it, why wouldn't I?  after all I hate dry shampoo.

IGK Hair
IGK Hair

Lets start with IGK Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo 

Jet Lag is what I would say the first level in the IGK dry shampoo story, it is for days when your hair isn't dirty but needs a little refresh, lightweight formula with finely milled Volcanic ash, you will hardly know you have use this but your hair will thank you, it leaves your hair feeling as though it has just been shampooed, ideal for normal to dry scalps with fine to medium texture hair.

IGK Hair
IGK Hair

IGK Direct Flight Multi-Tasking Dry Shampoo

Cleansing, texturising and volumizing are the features of this fabulous green can, perfect for normal to oily scalps with fine to coarse textured hair, a light cleanser that easily absorbs oil and sweat leaving you with  fresh looking hair.

IGK Hair

IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo 

This is where we bring out the "Big Guns"  If you are a fitness bunny you will 100% know the frustration of gym hair, your hair is clean when you start but you end your workout with limp sweaty lifeless hair! that really does not smell its best.  This is your solution, also if you have been very naughty and partied so hard you really have left your hair past it's wash by date, this can is for you. This heavy duty spray will absorb any signs of grease, oil and odour. White Tea powder soothes the scalp leaving you able to carry on with your life without the embarrassment of grim hair.  Perfect for Oily scalps, fine to thick, medium and coarse textured hair.

I have to confess that my mind has been completely changed by these sprays, my hair felt clean and soft, it really didn't feel dirty and smelled fabulous. I honestly believe that it probably does your hair good not to over wash it, and I am now converted.
If you know you are falling into bed when you should have washed your hair, these sprays can be used while you sleep to absorb oil overnight leaving you able to get those extra zzzzz's in the morning.

I do have more products from IGK that I will be bringing to the blog soon.

IGK Hair at SpaceNK

Are you a fan of dry shampoo? or have you avoided them due to them being so grim in the past? or is it just me?

Lyn x

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