B. Long Wear Brow Cream + B. Brow Styler

B. Long Wear Brow Cream  + B. Brow Styler

Hi Loves,

How is your Brow Game?  If you are in your twenties,thirties and forties then I would imagine the answer is strong, however if you are of the generation where we abused our poor brows the answer is probably that your Brow Game could do with a little help. Either way brows are big news nowadays and there is no sign of the trend fading.  Brow products are big business and every makeup brand seems to have their own version of pencil, powder and pomade, so what to choose?

B. Long Wear Brow Cream  + B. Brow Styler

I personally flit between all three although my favourite method is a brow pomade, my love for these started with the obvious Anastasia Beverley Hills, and back then I had to get it sent direct from the states, now the world and his brother have a version.  BUT are they all created equal?  In my opinion, no. 
 My Anastasia actually seems second rate compared to my latest discovery 
B. Long Wear Brow Cream, firstly as always with B. it is cruelty free and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, the number one thing for me was that this cream differs to pomade in that it isn't even slightly gritty, often a pomade will have tiny gritty pigment particles that add serious blotching to the overall look of the brow, this cream is a smooth matte with an even texture making it really easy to apply with the correct brow brush, it's long wear title lives up to it's name, I was particularly impressed on a really hot scorching day recently when even after laying in the sun I still had both brows! 
Available in 6 shades including metallic!  at 5.99 this performs like a product 4 times it's price.

B. Long Wear Brow Cream  + B. Brow Styler

Alongside the Brow Cream comes The B. Brow Styler, a twist up angled brow styler that will give you perfect definition and enables you to draw on even the most delicate of hairs, again Cruelty Free and Vegan Vegetarian friendly. It had a really good lasting power and is perfect for those of you that like a really defined brow look.  A double ended product with a spoolie at one end for shaping, before and after application, I like to use this after both products just to soften the look and give a more natural appearance to the brow.

B. Long Wear Brow Cream  + B. Brow Styler

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  1. I really need to try more from the B. makeup range, I love their pigments xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️


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