Dr Perricone Re-Firm Eye

Dr Perricone Re-Firm Eye
Dr Perricone Re-Firm Eye 

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When it comes to our eyes how easy is it to neglect looking after them until the day you notice that they need looking after?  I would love to say I have always taken care of mine but I would be lying, I totally took my skin for granted when I was younger as you do and only started to worry about it when it needed attention. Girls nowadays are so much better at skincare, makeup, health and just life in general than we were. And for me I have only taken what I would call "proper" care of my skin for the past few years ( better late than never) and have to be honest and say I can 100% see a difference.

Dr Perricone Re-Firm Eye

When it comes to eye care I have not been as good as I should be, as you all know I am not a lover of eye creams, a lot leave me puffy with sore eyes which isn't the look I was going for!  I was advised by a therapist that for those of us that think our face moisturiser works on all parts are wrong and the the skin around the eyes is too fine to absorb the molecules in face cream, therefore requiring a far more delicate approach.  Funnily enough Dr Perricone was a brand that I first bought when I decided that creams did not work for me and I discovered Blue Plasma Gel you can read that here  This time I have been enjoying a serum.

Dr Perricone Re-Firm Eye
Dr Perricone Re-Firm Eye 

Dr Perricone Re-Firm Eye 15 ml

This serum is housed in little dark glass bottle to protect it from damaging light and has a pump applicator, a word of warning here, take care with the pump, mine completely missed my waiting finger and shot onto the floor!  Could just be me, maybe my pump was over zealous but you really don't want to waste this product on the floor.  Not to be confused with an eye cream this serum is specifically designed to target skin that has lost or is losing it's elasticity, the tiniest amount gently patted around the orbital eye area is all you need, I use this both night and day, it works beautifully under make up it isn't at all greasy it absorbs into the skin almost immediately. The serum mimics the skins elasticity firming the eye area while de puffing at the same time, this is not just a cosmetic fix the ingredients in the serum work to actually repair and firm over time, if I miss using this for a couple of days I can spot the difference in the texture of my skin, the serum has a cooling effect that you can feel working on the delicate eye area.

There is something quite comforting about Dr Perricone products in that you 100% know it's science based and not just a fancy package with a high price tag. 

John Lewis £81.60    at the time of writing there were only two available at this special price.

 Cult Beauty £96.00

Lyn x

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  1. I do love me some science also when I buy cosmetics. It's the nerd in me ;-)

    1. I love Dr Perricone for that very reason Vanessa, I am in the nerd club :) Lyn x


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