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Hi Darlings
As you all well know I am dubious/lazy when it comes to eye care, I obviously test out lots of products with varying results when it comes to eye creams. I will admit to not looking after my eyes as much as I probably could.  I do think the one thing that brings youth to the eyes is a sparkle, the sparkle you can see in any age of woman, that cheeky glint that shows a good life has been lived or that the potential for a really good laugh is always present.

I also think that some people are genetically blessed when it comes to ageing and wrinkles, and a lot is made of the whole anti-ageing subject. Let me just put my two pennies in here, I do not believe that most woman actually think it's possible to turn back time, I also think that the majority of us wouldn't want to.  What I do think, is that we feel better when we look better and that women nowadays want to look the best they can at any age.  I also think that whatever someone wants to do with their face/body is their business and theirs alone. 

 I have written before about my thoughts on the whole ageing process, the thing is not all eye problems are related to ageing, some people, whatever they do look tired, have bags and feel that nature isn't being kind, I would 100%  seek treatment if it were a problem that I couldn't fix myself.  With this is mind I have spent sometime recently looking at various treatments and the results are pretty remarkable, I would imagine quite life changing. And thinking about it, I have always had the thought that any kind of procedure is vanity, but is it?  I'm not so sure.  When researching any kind of procedure obviously it make sense to look for the best your country can provide.  I the UK we have Dr Daniel Ezra who is the UK's leading Oculoplastic Surgeon. He specialises in fixing ageing eye bags amongst other non-cosmetic procedures for those with debilitating eye twitches and spasms.  Obviously you would need to research your particular country, a quick google check will confirm the best, and it's always advisable to read reviews. 

What are your thoughts on Aesthetics? let me know.

Lyn x 

Post written in colaboration with Dr Ezra.