Striving For Perfection

Hiya Darlin
This is a bit of an odd post for me, and I guess you could call it a ramble, which is probably the story of my life now :)  yesterday I saw something on Twitter that really made me thing about things being in perspective.  It said something along the lines of when you die you will not be remembered for having a perfect Instagram grid, please forgive me here if you are not a blogger or Insta addict, as unless you are absorbed in a cyber world these things will seem like sheer madness to you, after all, what the hell is an Instagram grid?  In a nutshell the aim is to have your Instagram page looking as beautiful and as uniform as possible, for us mere mortals that throw up the odd picture of our grandchildren or dog this is unobtainable it is a planned operation that takes more time and care than I would personally wish to devote.  It is the image we show the outside world. Fortunately I am at the age where what people think is of no importance to me and I no longer feel the pressure to impress that I did when I was young.  Of course everyone wants to be liked it's human nature, but if you judge a person simply by the life you "think" they live then something is amiss. 

Of course I want my product pictures to look nice, I'm sure you wouldn't want to see a hundred pound face cream next to a pair of rolled up socks? at the same time I want my house nice when people visit. But as for perfectly posed pictures of my perfect life, nope not for me. firstly I take ugly photo's and secondly my life isn't perfect, I would be lying if I said it was..........I did warn you that this would be a ramble.  I guess the point I am trying to make is that life isn't perfect, your life isn't a grid of perfectly formed photo's and that's OK it really is, perfection is overrated. It really is lovely to look at bloggers and Youtubers who appear to have it all, but the key word is "appear"  things are never as they seem and as long as we can keep things in perspective we may all come out of this social media experiment safe and sound, because at the end of the day that's what this is an experiment, this is the first generation to have this access to the world in glorious technicolour, and we don't yet really know the result of having it all :)

There I am finished, it probably makes no sense at all to anyone other than in my head.

Lyn x 


  1. Well put! Perfection is an illusion and so incredibly subjective. I saw that post about not being remembered for a perfect Insta grid too and yes, it got me thinking about how much we, as internet peeps, strive to show life in a good light. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Thanks Liz, I think it's all about getting life into perspective and realising what's really important.
      Keep up the vlogging.
      Lyn x


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