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Hiya Darlins
Every new season I look forward to the new releases from GOSH Copenhagen, I truly think this brand needs a huge amount of attention, they are innovative quality products at a really good price.

I do have a few things to share with you from this years SS18 range which I will be featuring, but a couple of pieces instantly jumped out at me.  Firstly the new shades in

Gosh Lip Oil
 I wrote about these when Gosh first released them in 2016. Once again they surpass brands at 4 x the price and as always these are totally on trend, this time in holographic shades, there are three in the collection, show here are 007 Crystal Star and 006 Flower Essence. Interestingly these are the same price as 2016, bet not many brands could claim to be so competitive in the price range!

Gosh Fake It! Lash Primer

This primer not only adds thickness and length to your lashes it separates and conditions at the same time thanks to the addition of Hyaluronic acid.
My lashes are blonde/clear so I don't usually notice too much if I use a primer, but this one is grey! I instantly saw a dramatic difference in the length and fullness of the lashes, can be used under any mascara. I tested it with ........

Gosh Turn Me On Vibrating Mascara

I was desperate to try this as I remembered many years ago another vibrating mascara being on the market, I can't for the life of me remember who made it, but I do remember it flinging black spots all over the eye and under eye area, it was a disaster!  Things have come a long way, and I tested this out with trepidation. To my delight the buzzing wand is fabulous, it was almost like having the mascara applied for you, the sensation is a little strange at first, and to be fair I did think it would be just a novelty item, but it worked! each lash was coated perfectly both top and bottom, I think a delicate hand is definitely needed as I got a bit over confident with the second eye and blobbed. Overall I really like this, one thing is for sure, it definitely saves time!

Gosh Turn Me On Vibrating Mascara is currently available, the release date on the new SS18 collection is February 2018 so the items will filter through and become available this month.

The combination of Gosh Fake It and Gosh Turn Me On resulted in pretty good looking lashes, longer, fuller but more than anything separated with no clumps.

Check out the whole Gosh Copenhagen Range Here

  Lyn x

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